The History of the USA Powerball Lottery

Powerball lottery in India

The USA Powerball is a lottery that is among the topmost few world-renowned lotteries. But you may like to know about its history, general game rules, how to play Powerball lottery in India and more about it. If so, this article is going to be the perfect read for you.

 In the United States, this is available in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands. Yet, that is not a concern even if you are outside the United States. This is international. So, you can play this from wherever you are. Even if you are from India, you can play this.

Key Facts about US Powerball

On April 22, 1992, 15 lotteries participated in its drawing. In 1996, from the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, the first of five drawings were broadcast. In 2000, The Game Show episodes commenced. Over time, its minimum jackpot prize also kept on increasing. And it could set a world record in 2016. That is for the highest ever jackpot which was US$1.586 billion.

  1. 1.      Let us tell you the days and times of drawing. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. ET, its draws are held.
    1. 2.       You would potentially be anxious to know about its jackpot. Its jackpot starts at US$20 million. As we told you, it has even reached a record jackpot of US$1.586 billion.
    1. Each Powerball line costs $5 on Thelotter, and you may play just one line if that is what you want. You would have to pay an extra $2.5 if you want to use the PowerPlay feature.
Powerball lottery in India

Rules of the game

                Like any other game, there are rules and criteria that must be obeyed in order to play. You must first master the rules.

  • Choose five major numbers from 1 to 69.
  • A ‘PowerBall’ number from 1 to 26 should also be chosen.
  • Simply check the box labeled PowerPlay when using this feature.

Basically, this is what you need when you are playing this lottery.

Odds to win

                Getting a general idea about odds, we think would be helpful to you to understand how things happen in this lottery.

5 + 11 in 292,201,338.00
5 + 01 in 11,688,053.52
4 + 11 in 913,129.18
41 in 36,525.17
3 + 11 in 14,494.11
31 in 579.76
2 + 11 in 701.33
1 + 11 in 91.98
0 + 11 in 38.32

How can the people of India play it?

  If you are from India, you must certainly be curious about how you can play this from India? There are a few ways.

  1. Visit the USA
  2. Play online with actual tickets via agents (lottery messaging services)
  3. Bet onlineKeep reading! Next, we are going to tell you about the above 3 methods descriptively.

Visit the US

One way is, you can visit the United States to play it. You can purchase a ticket in a terminal in one of the thousands of tickets retailer’s shops. But this would indeed be an extra burden for you to travel all the way to the US. This method would be totally fine if you are a frequent visitor. And it would be fine if you have some other obligations to attend to. But even if not, if you are okay with this option, there is no reason for us to object. It is completely up to you to decide on it.

Play online with actual tickets via agentYou can also play online with actual tickets using a site like TheLotter. (LottoSmile in India.) This is a really practical way for most people. If you like this, you can use it. You do not have to travel to the United States at all, for this. But still, you get the opportunity of having an actual physical ticket. That is so good, right?

Bet online

 If you are the type of person who does not want the feeling of physical tickets at all, this is the perfect option. If you choose this option, everything takes place online. The complete betting process is online. So, if you are a person willing to do everything in possibly the most convenient way, this is the approach that you need to take.

How to check the results?

 After the draws, you have the ability to check the lottery results for yourself. There are mainly two approaches. The first one is you can use the checker on our website. And the second one is you can search it up on the lottery’s official website. You can choose either of these options. Whatever the way that is convenient for you, you can follow that method to check the results.

Receiving winnings

It is obviously important to know how you would be able to collect the winnings if you are fortunate enough to win prizes. If you win a reward that is less than the jackpot, it will be directly deposited into your account without the need to go through the claims procedure. If you win the grand prize, you may need to travel to the United States to collect your money. This is how it happens if you win a prize by taking part in the contest online from a foreign country. However, if you buy the ticket from the US itself, there would be no such problem for you to worry about.


Alright. Now, we have come to the end of the article. We talked a lot about the USA Powerball lottery. We talked about history, its draw days and times, start jackpot and record jackpot, cost of a ticket, rules, and odds. And if you are from India, we specifically discussed how you are going to take part in it. We talked about 3 possible methods. You can go for any of them. Finally, we also told you how to check the results and how to claim the winnings. Now, all that is left is to test your luck. If you are lucky enough you may be a person winning a record jackpot too! We wish you the best of luck!

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