How To Hire A Professional React Native Developer & Find The Best One For Your Needs

React Native Developer

These days many businesses and enterprises are in search of React Native developers for developing natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. The shift from websites to mobile applications has raised this demand. However, as there is so much demand in the market, it becomes very difficult to find good React Native developers.

So in this blog, we will guide you in hiring React Native developers in detail.  From where you can find React Native developers to what skills you should look for in them, we cover all the points. But before moving forward, let us tell you the benefits of hiring a React Native developer.

Benefits Of Hiring A React Native Developer

For mobile app development, the React Native framework is currently one of the fastest and most effective environments. It has many advantages for businesses, such as:

1) Coding Efficiency

With React Native, there is no need to create separate mobile applications for each platform. React Native’s efficiency in coding includes components and code that can be reused, which further reduces costs. You can hire React Native developers India to write code once and that code can be shared between the iOS and Android platforms without any technical issues in between.

2) Ease Of Development

The majority of the source code can be reused with React Native. This indicates that the code can be distributed across platforms. As a result, developers do not need to create code for iOS and Android separately. It speeds up and simplifies the development process significantly.

3) SEO-Friendly

JavaScript is used by React Native developers, which ultimately helps you get faster-loading pages with a good user experience. This contributes to a higher ranking in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and attracts more visitors.

4) Better UI

Developers can start from scratch and create an exceptional user experience with React Native’s ready-to-use UI components. The development of an app goes much more smoothly when using the most recent versions of React Native.

5)  High Flexibility

As a multitasking framework, React Native offers developers a great deal of flexibility. They can simultaneously test and develop UI codes. They are able to bring consistency and a fully optimized user interface that works flawlessly on a variety of devices because of React Native.  

Skills That Are Necessary For React Developer

To select a great React Native developer, you need to know what professional skills & qualities he possesses.  

During the interview process, you need to ask your developer for the following core skills. A good React Native developer should possess :

1) Excellent Knowledge Of Javascript

Since React Native is a JavaScript framework, a developer needs to be well-versed in JavaScript. It is essential for cross-platform React Native mobile development. Understanding the flow of React Native mobile apps, structuring their logic, and adding new components will be made it easier for React Native developers with knowledge of Javascript.

2) Experience In Android And iOS Apps Development

A good React Native developer should have experience in app development for Android and iOS. In addition, in order to run an application on a variety of devices, he must be familiar with both Objective-C/Swift (iOS) and Java/Kotlin (Android). A developer must also be familiar with the best React Native databases and be able to connect them to iOS and Android apps.

3) Knowledge Of React Basics

In the next step, make sure your shortlisted React Native developer knows JSX (JavaScript XML) and React Virtual DOM concepts. Additionally, an ideal candidate should be familiar with the component lifecycle (mounting, unmounting, updating, and error handling).

4) Task-Related Tools

The skilled React Native developer will probably be familiar with additional software or technology tools that can simplify the workflow. Some communication tools, like Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet, are good examples. During the lockdown, they are especially important.

Moreover, it would be a plus point if your React Native developer is also familiar with:

  1. Redux – for handling the mobile app state.
  2. Jest – JS code testing framework.
  3. Sentry – allows real-time crash checking.
  4. App Center – to develop and distribute applications across testers.
  5. RNTL (React Native Testing Library) – to test React Native components.

There are undoubtedly many additional tools of this kind that can simplify the developer’s work. Regardless, your potential React Native developer should know a few of those tools.

But only having hard skills is just not enough for a successful project. Your React Native developer should also have soft skills such as :

1)  Creativity

Your React Native developers should be creative because the development of an app is a form of art. The React Native app’s uniqueness is obvious in the arrangement of its components. After a few minutes of using an app, the majority of people are able to define the templated approach.

It goes without saying that people don’t like templated apps, so it’s unlikely that millions of people will notice them. On the other hand, innovative and daring solutions increase app engagement time and attract users.

2) Communication Skills

It is very important for your React Native developer team member to exchange ideas and build trustworthy relationships with other developers that enhance effective cooperation.

3) Sociability

Your React Native developer should be open to contacting his colleagues to exchange ideas, thus building trust.

4) Problem – Solving

Good React Native developers are always proactive and focused on the end result. They are able to solve any issue that may arise during the app development process because of this soft skill.

5) Stress Resistance

The app development industry is challenging. The working pace of mobile app development projects can sometimes get out of hand. Aside from that, developers are constantly subjected to pressure from high expectations and extremely brief deadlines.

Naturally, they require tenacity to withstand everything. You do not want to lose a developer due to a nervous breakdown in the middle of the project. As a result, you need to start with someone who can handle a fair amount of stress.

6) Time Management

In React Native app development, time is of the essence because the release date significantly determines its success.

The development company’s reputation could suffer greatly if it fails to meet deadlines. Project time estimates are created by businesses to precisely establish release dates.

Your React Native developers should therefore have excellent time management skills so that they will be able to deliver the results in the expected time.

So these were the basic soft skills your React Native developer should have. Plus besides these, you can also cross-check his capabilities by inquiring about him his previous clients or bosses. They can give you some good information which might be useful in the process of hiring him.

Now let us tell you about the sources from which you can hire your React Native app developers.

Where To Find React Native Developers?

There are many platforms to search for talented and experienced React Native developers. You can hire Indian app developers for your in-house teams or can hire them as freelancers. You can also look for a good mobile app development company and outsource your projects to them. This way, you can reduce your project costs by up to 30%.   

For your In-House Team, you can post job ads on various job search platforms such as LinkedIn and Naukri. You can also make a Google search by using keywords such as “Hire React Native Developers”, “React Native Developers Hire” etc. You can find profiles of many reputed and experienced React Native developers. Later you can contact them and hire them for your team.

For Freelancers, you can explore freelancer platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and many more. LinkedIn is also a good option for finding freelance React Native developers. Simply search, select, contact, and then hire.

Final Thoughts

A well-designed and executed app is the key to staying ahead of your competitors in the mobile app market driven by user experience. The good news is that by using React Native, you only need to develop one fantastic application for each platform. Now all that remains is to choose the best React Native app development company that provides real-time, cost-effective solutions and helps you to be successful and beat the competition.