Why Hire Unofficial Airport Parking Lots

Airport Parking Lots

Did you know that a normal person spends about 20 minutes searching for a parking spot at the airport?

That is 20 precious minutes of your life, which you will not get back! Those minutes could have been better spent sipping coffee or calmly strolling to the gate.

So whether you are willing to go on a solo trip, thinking of visiting a distant relative, or preparing for a business trip abroad, traveling in the air is a stressful experience.

There are many things to take care of, like organizing and planning, and one main aspect is ensuring your vehicle is safe.

Of course, it is essential to take care of your travel documents, transits, and where you do hotel check-in, but what you leave behind on your journey, like your vehicle, is just as essential.

Why hire a taxi or Uber service just to reach the airport when you can use your own car?

Yes, you might have to go on tour for weeks or months, and you can get worried for your car’s safety if the weather gets worse when you return; you might find your car covered in snow with a dead battery or flat tire.

So do not park your car in the Dayton Airport International Parking; instead, park just outside the terminal at 1140 West National Road, next to Airport Toyota.

There is another service of airport parking service that also provides you with a park n go coupon code and much more.

We will discuss who they are and what they do for you further in this blog. Keep on reading!

Who They Are And What Can Do For You

Many services are located near airports, and those parking providers in the Dayton area provide both Smart Economy and Valet parking options.

These services are just minutes away from the terminal by shuttle.

They provide free shuttle services to the airport. They will never leave you stranded in your situation.

They are always there to help you with luggage, and they ensure you reach the terminal faster.

The airport’s parking may seem closer to the terminal than these other lots, but these other lots can often provide fast and convenient services.

These unofficial airport properties will always ensure that you reach the check-in or security gates more efficiently.

They will offer you many features and amenities when you decide to use their Dayton International Airport parking lots.

Because these unofficial airports are located directly across the street from the main airport runways, they will provide you with fast and efficient transportation for you to reach the terminal.

They will offer you shuttles 24/7 from their lot to the airport.

Drivers of the shuttle will load from the lot and unload it to the terminal in only four minutes.

When you return from a long adventure back to Dayton, just give them a call, and they will be there for you.

Apart from that, some service providers like Park-N-Go offer military or corporate discounts and Park-Go discount codes to make parking more cost-effective.

Services Park And Go Provides

They offer you many services like smart parking and valet services:

Smart Park System

They will automatically check you in based on your reservations as the gate is open. Their fast shuttle service will offer you luggage assistance and take you to airline check-in.

Valet Services

This service will allow you to get:

  • Premium car wash
  • Oil change
  • Full detailing

while you are away from your home.

Apart from that, they also do warm-up and snow removal services in the winter season.


Hiring unofficial parking lots at Dayton Airport International can be very beneficial as they also offer you a park n go coupon code.

They offer you services that your normal parking lots might not offer.

You can choose from economy self-park or full-service valet services, based on your needs.

They are always available to you.

So you will never have to worry about your car ever again.