Protect confidential data, such as Protected Health Information (PHI), in transit with HIPAA-compliant text messaging applications.

Everyone nowadays uses text messaging (also known as “texting”) to communicate quickly and easily. While texting is a convenient and efficient method, most users are unaware that it is an unencrypted type of communication. At any point during transmission, text messages may be intercepted.

HIPAA-compliant text messaging app

In this blog, we’ll look at a few companies that provide HIPAA-compliant text messaging, which allows for safe texting of protected health information.

A Text’s Journey:

Despite the fact that sending a text appears to be an easy act, your messages take a long and winding route to their intended recipient. If you’re curious about the details, here’s a video from Gizmodo that demonstrates how a simple video text is sent from one phone to another:

To cut a long storey short, the text travels a long way from one phone to another. At many points in the way, other people have the ability to intercept your text. In reality, before the carrier chooses to delete your post, it can be saved on servers.

Additionally, text messages are often stored permanently on your computer and in device backups. Although this is appropriate for ordinary text messages, it is not acceptable for messages containing personal health information (PHI). Your company’s protection is jeopardised due to a lack of control over this material.

HIPAA-compliant texting app reviews:

We compared each service’s price, ease of use, customer service, and additional features in our review. We selected the following four HIPAA-compliant text messaging applications based on those criteria:

TigerText, Zinc, QliqSoft, and Spok Mobile are a few examples.

We looked at stable text messaging solutions for a number of businesses. There is a free version of each programme available to download. We strongly advise you to try the free version before deciding which software is right for you.

TigerText is the first HIPAA-compliant text messaging app we’ll look at (now TigerConnect). TigerText is one of the most popular secure-messaging applications on the market. The application’s straightforwardness is both refreshing and user-friendly. Messages are delivered in a format that resembles your current text message display.

TigerText excelled in terms of usability. There is also a web app for TigerText, which adds another line of communication. TigerText is the only text messaging clinical software that has earned HITRUST CSF certification.

All of your messages from your phone, machine, and other devices are synced with TigerText. As recipients open and read their messages, users are notified. However, TigerText differs from other text messaging apps in that if you accidentally send a message to the wrong person, you can undo it.

Another function of this application is that it automatically deletes all sent messages after a set period of time. To interact safely, the recipient of the message does not need to have TigerText.

TigerText – A HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging Solution – Is Expensive

To ensure HIPAA compliance, you must buy the Enterprise Edition. TigerText collaborates with clients to develop personalised pricing tailored to their specific requirements. As a result, go to their website to get a quote.

TigerText – HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Solution is installed.

The download takes just a few seconds. You can download the application from TigerText’s website for Mac OS and Windows operating systems, or sign in via their web portal. Download on iPhones/iPads and Android phones via the App Store or Google Play store. You can invite others and send safe messages after downloading TigerText and signing up for the service.

TigerText sends experts to your place to instal and configure security controls on your internal server. Your company will connect an unlimited number of users to the network until the installation is complete. If your company requests it, TigerText employees will conduct training webinars.

TigerText’s Encryption and Protection

TigerText uses 256-bit AES encryption to send messages. No one can copy, paste, or forward these messages for added protection. Physical controls such as biometric measures, backup generators, and cooling devices are included in their data centre security features. They’re also SAS 70 Type II certified, and they’re encrypted at rest with AES 256-bit encryption.

You may send safe prescription reminders to patients for medical practises and other health organisations. The app allows users to monitor their activity and monitors and authenticates all users. Messages are tightly encapsulated and can be configured to only move within a given private network using a combination of TLS protocols to create uniquely encrypted channels for private ePHI in motion communication.

TigerText notifies users when their messages are received and opened. Users may also retrieve any sent messages, and all sent messages self-destruct after a certain period of time has passed. TigerText is a data destruction firm that uses end-to-end encryption.

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