How Popular is Hike Messenger in 2019?

Hike Messenger

Well, almost every person in India is quite aware of this messaging mobile application i.e., Hike. Recently, Hike messenger has got a new update and the updated version is 6.0. It is the most reliable messaging app that works on the internet; it is somewhat similar to Whatsapp but way much better than Whatsapp. The hike is very much popular in India and it comes with 9 different Indian languages. There are many messaging apps that only offer emotion to express feelings to someone but in Hike, there are bundles of stickers that are available. Any user can simply download them and can use them by sending o your friends. The sticker’s picture quality is quite good and they put some interest in the conversation. Even the stickers are available in more than 40 languages which includes various foreign languages.

Words are less to express the best thing about this app, Hike also provides its users to send 100 SMS daily. This means, if you are not able to connect your device to the internet, you can send an SMS to your friend through Hike. This messaging app is a complete package that offers various amazing features that actually help people to communicate with each other. Not only messaging, but the app also allows users to do voice call over internet protocol and video call.

Hike Messenger

There are many impeccable features in this newly updated Hike messaging app but the app’s overall working depends on the advantages and disadvantages of the app.

Let’s take look pros and cons of Hike Messenger app



The hike is the only app that allows users to customize their privacy settings according to themselves. A user can select who can see his or her profile picture, last seen, stories and timeline. Also, the servers of Hike are more in favour of user’s data that keeps the information of every user safe and secure.

Hidden Mode

You might have never seen this feature in any other messaging app ever. Hike has an outstanding Hidden mode that allows a user to hide his or her important chats. If the hidden mode is on, the selected chats are not visible on the main screen of Hike Messenger app. No other person can see or access your private chats as Hidden Mode can easily hide them.

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All you have to do is communicate with your friends without any hesitation. This is because all your conversation is done through a voice call; video call and messaging are complete encrypted with 128 bit. This level of security keeps every single data on Hike completely protected.

Chat Themes

No other messaging app offers chat theme feature but Hike does. In other apps, you can change the background of the chat but you cannot change the theme. In this case, you can completely change you chat theme as there are many chat themes that you can download on Hike itself.



The only issue with this messaging app is it sometimes lags a lot while chatting with anyone or sending multiple stickers consequently. Rather than that there are no other cons.

Final Thoughts

Hike Messenger is a complete package of messaging app. Consider trying it once as offers a whole new experience of communication with hundreds of stickers.

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