Unilevel Plan: The Highest Paying Multilevel Marketing In India


The growth of the direct selling companies depends on the compensation plan they adopt. For network marketing companies choosing the compensation plan is crucial. There are various compensation plans that companies use. Although, the most preferred method used by most network marketing companies is the Unilevel compensation plan. It is the most straightforward and practical plan to understand and implement.

However, before joining any direct selling company, you must know everything about it. And one of the essential things that you should be aware of is whether it follows a unilevel or binary payment method. This article will inform you about the unilevel compensation plan and its benefits. In addition, we will let you know the highest paying multilevel marketing. So let us move ahead and reveal it for you.


Unilevel compensation plan is a single-level plan. It has only one business level, and all the sponsored members by the distributor are in the first level. It is the most straightforward compensation plan followed by many direct selling companies. Hence it is also known as a universal compensation plan.

For example, if a distributor joins the company and sponsors a few members, it will add them to the same business level. And the most important thing to note here is he can add an unlimited number of members to the group. Unlike other plans, there is no restriction to add members to it. There is no limitation to the number of recruits and sales one can make in this plan. The sponsor gets benefited, and all the members get benefited equally. Other than direct compensation, there are many more income sources available.

Compensation Plan of Unilevel

In the unilevel compensation plan, the compensation is purely dependent on the individual performance and the efforts put in by the entire group. Let us now consider the compensation plan of Dayjoy, a direct selling company. Dayjoy’s compensation plan is excellent, and it offers a guaranteed maximum payout. It provides special incentives to individual distributors. There are different types of incomes here, such as Fast start, fast track bonus, Loyalty Program, Active bonus, Mentorship incentive, and more.

Performance Incentive & Bonuses –

The performance incentive at Dayjoy starts at 5% and goes to a maximum of 21%. The initial stage is Distributor and goes to Gold Director. Other than performance incentives, there are bonuses such as a Fast track bonus of 5%, a Start-Up bonus of 8%, and Active bonus of 6%, etc. To know more about the incentives, bonuses, and other types of income, you can reach out to us.

Benefits of Unilevel MLM Plan

  • Unilevel compensation plan is the simplest of all. It is straightforward to understand for the distributors. It is a no-fuss plan beneficial to both the company and the distributors.
  • In a unilevel plan, the distributors can earn big money. They can make money from their efforts and the entire team’s efforts.
  • Unilevel compensation plan is suitable for all direct marketing companies. Any direct selling company can implement it quickly, it being so straightforward. 


Which company you choose to invest your time and efforts in is imperative. Selecting the genuine direct selling company with the highest paying multilevel plan is essential. Dayjoy has had the strongest roots with a state-of-art production since 2009. It manufactures world-class products with organic ingredients. And the best part as a distributor is it also uses one of the best compensation plans. There are various sources of income plans at Dayjoy. So, go ahead, and make the most of the opportunity in the market that can help you achieve your dreams.

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