High temp wheels that can take the heat

High temp wheels

The caster wheels are used on a wider range. The wheels are used to carry heavy loads depending upon their bearing efficiency. Industrial caster, stainless steel caster and many more types of castor wheels are used in Pakistan. 

Caster Wheels are used a lot whether it is for domestic use or for office use. The wooden floors made a comeback. They were not in use for a very long time and now they have been used in offices and homes both. When there usage is so much then it is also very important for them to be good enough to bear the heat and meet the maximum heat bearing capacity. 

Three of the best wheels that can bear the heat:

V Groove Wheels:

The V Groove wheels are best for heavy duty industrial caster and steel caster because they offer the roller, plain, or tapered bearing which can easily bear up to 800 degrees Celsius. They have 90 degrees grooved machines installed in them which make them easy to go even if the surface is flat this will not cause any harm to wheels or to the surface. They are considered to be the priority for heavy duty industrial caster and steel caster. They are strong and can bear a lot of wait. These are some of their pros which is making them the best choice for heavy duty industrial caster and steel caster. 

Flanged wheels:

The flanged wheels are used a lot for heavy duty industrial caster and steel caster they do come with roller and tapered bearing but not with plain bearings. They can also easily bear a temperature up to 800 degree Celsius. They are specifically designed to deal with the surface contact issues and steel stacks the stainless steel caster is being used by this we can reduce the amount of effort we put in rolling the load. 

This comes in various sizes and keyways, we can fix them where ever we want to. 

Forged steel wheels:

Forged steel wheels come with many of the bearings like the roller, tapered, plain, and now with Teflon bearing they can also stand up to 800 degrees Celsius which is making them the best for heavy duty industrial caster and steel caster. Also, their load capacity is also very high and this makes the Forged steel wheels the best choice. Moreover, they have a phenomenal capability of ductility and tensile strength. Their rolling capacity is also very hard and sharp which certainly is the best. 

What to check when wheels are getting hotter:

There is a chance of wheels getting hot not necessarily because of the manufacturing but could be because of the environmental issue or the limit of the wheels exceeds. Some of the things to look at when the things get hot.

  • Lubrication: it is very important to check that the wheel we are using are lubricant enough or not. If not then you must lubricate them sufficiently in order to avoid any misshape. Just like we humans eat to stay alive likewise the grease or any fluid is their food to stay alive for a longer period. The detail seems very smaller but can save you from a getter lose.
  • Material of the wheel: we cannot deny that there is a wide variety of caster wheels from industrial caster to stainless steel casters all are available in the market but some of the casters are not suitable for heat, sometimes because of thread or the wheel itself. So make sure the material of the wheel is enough to bear the desired heat.
  • Bearings used: the bearings which manufacturers use sometimes may not be enough to bear the heat. The manufacturer uses steel ball bearing mostly which is not suitable for the heat you can use stainless steel caster or bronze to protect them from heat and increase its life span. 

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