Hebrew type design scene in Israel and elsewhere

Hebrew type design

Hebrew pronunciation is native to Israel and it is also a Northwest Semitic language. in 2013, Historically, more than nine million people spoke Modern Hebrew throughout the world. Hebrew is considered as the Israelite and their elder’s language.

However, the language was not attributed by the name “Hebrew” in the Hebrew Scripture itself.  Paleo-Hebrew written earliest examples found from the 10th century BCE. Hebrew is originated from the West Semitic which is branch of the Afroasiatic language domestic. out of the Canaanite languages, Hebrew is the only language that is still spoken. it is also a real and effective example of a lived expired language. it is also implemented by Hebrew type designers.

Hebrew had stopped being an everyday spoken language elsewhere during 200 and 400 CE, decreasing since the after the Bar Kokhba’s uprising. Aramaic and a little number of Greek were using it as international languages. Particularly among upper class and refugees. Hebrew had become as the language of Jewish communion during the medieval period.

rabbinic literature, is intra-Jewish poetry and commerce. It appeared as a major language of the Yishuv and State of Israel as well. in 1998, Ethnologue declared that five million people throughout the world were using Hebrew as a language. After Israel, the United States stands at second number for having the population of Hebrew-speakers, 220,000 people are speaking Hebrew regularly in which many belong to Israel. And many people use WhatsApp status in Hebrew language.

State of Israel has made the Hebrew as an official language, on the other hand, little old Hebrew is employed in prayer or Jewish communities used it in studies all over the world now a day. modern Hebrew or Arabic is used as slang. Jews and students of Judaism and Israel’s students studied it as a foreign language and archaeologists also. in the Middle East and its civilizations, it is used as linguistic specialization as well. in Christian seminaries it also used by theologians.

in Israel, A lot of public sign boards are written in both Hebrew and Arabic. but Liron Lavi Turkenich, an Israeli typographer, is determined to investigate even more the connection among these two languages. Her font style, which divides these languages equally, derived on the that there is still a possibility exist for the maximum section, to understand and read the written sentences while the half of the above or below in which each word is covered. By keeping this in mind, Turkenich blended the below half of Hebrew with the above Arabic half, merged both of them to a typeface that could be easily understood by both languages speakers. Turkenich said, “It started as an experimental project that was supposed to help me and help others not ignore the other scripts that are around us,”. a Hebrew typography made by her is an excellent fine combination of these both languages and also it seems like a deep relation with Aramaic. It may possible that this language can be quickly picked by approximately half a billion people.

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