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According to a report given by Healthline, a person gains on an average one-two pounds every single year. If looked clearly, that adds to 10-20 pounds every decade. Still, there are many people who remain underweight. That marks the reason for having low nutrition and other related health concerns either from birth or through an unhealthy diet.

Here are some quick, easy and safest ways to gain weight:

Make sure you go with every mentioned way without skipping any!

#1: Include nutrition-based-diet in your breakfast

Whole- grain cereals are filled with vitamins and minerals. So, include whole-grain bread in your breakfast. This helps you to gain calories, carbohydrates, antioxidants & fibres in your protein-rich diet. You can also consume homemade smoothies and shakes to gain nutrition.

#2: For an evening snack, make some better choices

If your stomach rumbles and you really want to consume something quick, make better choices. Eat avocados which are rich in calories and fat consumption; dry fruits give around 130 calorie intake; banana, apple with peanut butter; protein-rich smoothies; cheese, yoghurt, nuts. 

#3: Consume milk in good quantities

Milk is the best source of giving calcium, protein and vitamin D with a balanced diet. If you turn out to be a vegan, some other sources of milk include soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk, rice milk, cashew milk, hazelnut milk, almond milk, and hemp milk. The nutrition level suggests that one cup of whole milk gives about 149 calories.

#4: Exercise-focusing on weight lifting

Push-ups, deadlift, lunges, bench dips, are some of the weight- lifting exercises that could be done. These exercises strengthen your muscles and abdomen as a whole. Try focusing on each segment individually. Say you carry out with abs one day, legs one day, upper body one day and so on. 

#5: Quit smoking and alcohol consumption

It is said that nicotine disappears from your blood within 1-3 days while cotinine takes around 1-10 days. But once gone, will not be detected in your body. Your improved respiratory system helps you breathe well and results in weight gain with the effective functioning of the body.

#6: Intake of high- fat foods is a must

Consume fat-based foods like rice, red meat, potatoes, legumes, corn, beans, yoghurt, cheese, eggs and all other starches. Avocados and olive oil keep your heart healthy and improve your glycogen which lets you exercise and stay fit.

#7: Fancy foods keeping a healthy diet in mind

Go with dark chocolate, pasta, salmon and tuna. Dark chocolate lowers the risk of heart disease and is filled with antioxidants that provide you nutrients, Pastas help you to gain carbohydrates, Salmons give you about 243 calorie intake including omega-3, tuna is also ensured by giving omega-3 fatty acids with improved eye and mental health. 

#8: Eat a little bit after every 2-3 hours

If you don’t consume your food after regular intervals, your metabolism is affected and you slow down with your overall growth. With every 2-3 hours of food intake, you are likely to gain more calories and prevent your body mass being affected.

#9: Calories intake doesn’t happen with drinks

Drinking fluids doesn’t mean that you are improving your gut and digestive system. People ultimately relate fluids to a better healthy body which can help them gain or burn calories.
Although going with soft drinks which can help you gain up to 6.75 kg per year doesn’t seem to be healthy. Instead, try some healthy home-made shakes rich in proteins with milk and fruits or diet coke as a soft drink.

#10: Change your eating and sleeping patterns

Irregular sleeping and eating patterns either make you obese or underweight. Your poor sleep results in a change in your appetite. You consume extra amounts of glucose due to which your leptin reduces. This ultimately affects your eating pattern. You are likely to go underweight or obese depending on your metabolism. Hence, change your eating and sleeping pattern.

The bottom line:

The ultimate agenda arrives where you need to strengthen your muscles and consume fat. All you need to do is follow the pattern mentioned above and try not to keep intermittent fast. This affects your body in a large number of ways and makes it difficult for you to get back to normal! Even during those days try to eat dry fruits

Eat a nutrition and protein-rich diet although you remain busy with your chores. Never skip your meals. In rare cases, if the condition goes critical, feel free to contact a nutritionist and personally get assisted with your customized diet.

Thank you!

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