7 Healthy Ways to Cope With Stress at Work

Healthy Ways to Cope With Stress

Workplace stress is unavoidable. From meeting deadlines to achieving targets, all of us face work-related stress. However, a chronic phase of work stress may destroy emotional and physical health. WHO has also declared work stress as a form of World Wide Epidemic. 

Though numerous stress-reduction strategies are available, there is no fixed formula for every case. But, managers can play a huge role. Analyzing the problems of each employee and tactful dealing can augment employee satisfaction in no time. 

Today, I am going to share a few broad ideas with you. You can tailor these concepts as per the case. So, read carefully!

Workplace Wellness Programs

Exercise and fitness always reduce stress, make us feel happy, and keep us motivated. Scientifically, it produces endorphins that are often called “happy hormones.” Based on this fact, many firms are now offering fitness facilities for employees. Some big organizations even have an in-built fitness center. Employees can join the center after work hours or during their breaks. 

Additionally, the following steps can be taken for the overall wellness of employees: 

  • Offer free gym memberships 
  • Call a diet and exercise trainer every month 
  • Encourage employees to go for a walk every morning 
  • Track monthly fitness, arrange competition, and offer giveaways
  • Instead of caffeine and junk items, offer healthy food

Apart from improving health, the above tactics help in making the employees feel overwhelmed. Consequently, they reduce the overall stress. Some more tips for delighting your team are as follow: 

  • Fill refrigerator with healthy fruits, dry fruits, and fresh juices
  • Offer yogurt with every lunch 
  • Distribute weekly meal planners

Revamp the Workplace 

Boring, outdated, and cluttered workplaces are another cause of employee stress. Try to make it lavish by investing some amount. This will augment employee morale and automatically boost productivity. Therefore, invest whole-heartedly in making the workplace extraordinary. Here are a few tips: 

  • Create a green theme. Put indoor plants, green and white color combinations, and artificial grass. 
  • Let sunlight come inside. But, carefully check the direction. 
  • Put indoor games like foosball, chess, and a snooker table for letting the employees enjoy. 
  • Decorate the walls with sophisticated art pieces, paintings, and motivational quotes. 

All these steps will create a luxurious feel of the workplace. Employees, on the other hand, will be happy to feel working at a lavish place. 

Provide Remote Working Facility and Flexible Hours 

Your business objective is to get the work done with maximum quality. Instead of focusing on the punch time, notice the productivity level. Give employees enough convenience to do the work. For instance, some employees love working from home or want flexible timings. 

Give this facility as it will reduce the stress and employees will feel at ease in doing the work. Additionally, the time and expense required in commuting will be saved. Therefore, it will be a win-win strategy. 

Encourage Socialization 

Mingling through events and activities gives a chance to employees to know each other. This reduces multiple barriers, provides knowledge about career difficulties, and gives a chance for growth. Similarly, when employees know how others in their team are working, facing tight deadlines, and going on the success ladder, they feel motivated and reduce stress. For this, you can adopt several strategies like: 

  • Weekly tea parties
  • Annual office dinners and picnics
  • Virtual meetups for bonding with overseas employees

Encourage Meditation and Quiet Time

Sometimes employees want a break from the routine chaos. To sit back and relax, a calm and quiet room is essential. Create a separate room where employees can have some free time. Put soft lights and provide an option for light music or mediation. 

Mediation tactics also reduce stress dramatically. Put banners and guides about practicing mediation techniques. Also, educate employees about prayers and their benefits. However, make sure to provide a generic overview, irrespective of any specific religion. 

Also, assist them by providing options of apps, websites, podcasts, etc. For instance, you can share the Muslim and Quran app with Muslim employees. This app provides notifications about Prayer Times, has a Hadith collection, Tafseer, Hajj and Umrah guide, and much more. 

Provide Free Counselling 

Many modern-day firms have adopted counseling services to assist employees in reducing stress. This step is enough to make the employees realize their worth. They feel that the stress they get is real, and the firm is ready to help them out. 

Thus, these firms hire professional counselors to educate the employees about dealing with stress. The sessions are often scheduled on weekends when employees are free from work. 

Moreover, regular tracking of the employee progress along with counseling sessions helps in determining the outcome of this effort. 

Give Rewards and Recognition 

Recognizing employees is a proven tactic for reducing employee stress. Different firms use different techniques for recognition. Depending upon the budget and achievement, you can use various ways to thank your employees. Some firms send a company-wide mail, while others call out names in a meeting. Sending a thank-you note in person is also a good idea. 

However, if an achievement is big, special gifts, bonuses, and a pay raise are given. Many well-known companies often send their high-achievers on vacations and tours. Such acts make the employees recognize their career growth and automatically reduce stress. 

Reduce Employee Stress and Boost Productivity Level 

When managers adopt healthy ways to cope with stress at work, the overall team gets the fruits of it. These strategies can reduce problems like headaches, depression, insomnia, and so on. Therefore, techniques like revamping the workplace, participation in wellness programs, and availing the remote working facility are ideal. 

Furthermore, socialization and mediation tactics are a great stress reliever. Counseling sessions, on the other hand, help deal with individual cases. Lastly, rewards and recognition are essential in every organization. When employees work hard, they need a tap on the shoulder along with monetary benefits. 

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