Most people enjoy snacking, especially foodies. In times of boredom or when we’re taking breaks, we’re tempted to munch on something. While delicious treats satisfy our hunger and mod, they seldom fall into the category of healthy foods. In that case, what are our options? Are we osupposed to stop snacking? No! That’s a big fat NO! because we’re here to satisfy your tastes without compromising your health. 

Snacking can be exciting and healthy when we have a variety of flavoured makhana to offer. Our reputation has been strengthened by the praise we receive from our loyal customers, who keep visiting us again and again. Are there any specific steps we follow? Let us understand one by one

Let’s start with a little introduction!

Established in 2017, at the core of our brand we believe in guilt-free snacking. Makhana acts as an anti-oxidant, very light and easy to digest, It is traditionally an Indian product. All Mr Makhana flavours are GLUTEN and MSG FREE. Roasted in olive oil and its mild flavour makes them a perfect everyday snack for all age groups.

Making a healthy lifestyle choice

Health has been a major concern for everyone in recent years. A lack of activity and eating unhygienic food have led to several life-damaging diseases. In light of this, an action plan needs to be formulated soon. By consuming our calcium-rich flavoured makhanas, your bone will become stronger, which will benefit you in everyday life. In addition to that, antioxidants will help you detoxify your whole body. Don’t worry about putting excessive weight on your belly with makhana online shopping. 

Offering a wide variety of products!

These tasty treats don’t come in just one or two flavours. After you have decided to order makhana online shopping, visit the website. We offer a plethora of flavourful delights, such as butter tomato, cheezy peezy, lime & chilli, Piri Piri paradise, etc. Spices and nutrients combine to make a delicious and healthy treat you’ll love to eat. 

Produced entirely from plants

Vegetarianism and veganism have gained popularity in recent years. As a way to encourage this humane habit, we have invested all our cooking and ingredients knowledge to create these tasty 100% vegetarian treats. 

The inexpensive ingredient

These makhanas have only one inexpensive ingredient–the price. It’s important to us that people explore the health benefits of snaking without having to spend a lot. This is why we have set the cost price low so that the best makhana brand in India can be affordable for everyone. Moreover, we provide free shipping on orders above Rs 500. You can no longer make excuses for not living a healthy lifestyle.


Snacking can calm the mood and curb hunger for a period of time. However, healthy eating can have several benefits that are unimaginable. In addition to health benefits, we provide a variety of flavoured makhanas within your budget range. Therefore, do not hesitate to order your favourite flavour and feel its spices. For more information contact at Mr Makhana

By Darbaar

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