Preserve a Healthy Smile with Periodontal Maintenance

Preserve a Healthy Smile with Periodontal Maintenance

The dental health of a person is directly connected to its immune system. It is prone to infections just like any other component. These diseases though seem diminutive initially can rise into a more severe detriment.

Periodontal disease is one of those conditions in which tissues of the tooth roots get infected causing bleeding gums, pain, etc. It is advised in such diseases as there is no definite cure, but doctors can only reduce the infection sustained.

Primary Cause 

Plaque is an adhesive and semi-liquid substance forming on the enamel surface, the bacteria in such microbe causes periodontal infections, to remove this contaminant the immune system releases a substance that results in inflammation of gums. Thus leads to bleeding in tissues known as gingivitis and causing tooth loss known as periodontitis.

Adequate oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing is sufficient to keep them controlled, but neglectful dental routine can cause the infection to slide into the gum line, and they will continue to multiply without any hindrance.

A plaque over time can develop into tartar; a calcified substance that is hard to remove which will affect ligament or alveolar bone that supports the teeth structure.

Health perils 

Bacteria in such a disease can reach the respiratory system causing lung infections or worsening lung conditions; this is plausible in adults with poor oral sanitation and a fragile immune system resulting in pneumonia.

Procedures like professional dental implants can reduce some contamination but severe cases require periodic dentist checkups and purification.

Gum disease can induce blocked arteries that mitigate the blood & oxygen supplement resulting in heart sickness or worsening the existing condition by causing a stroke; controlling is important as patients with the previous history of myocardial infarction has more feasibility of suffering.

Maintenance procedure 

Unlike prophylaxis, best Periodontist requires extensive care and rigorous treatment due to the overall threat to the teeth; a dentist will suggest a periodic visit for an extensive cleaning, and counter-active remedies.

After diagnosis, the advanced cleaning begins as plaque & tartar migration is reduced and using specialized equipment a dentist removes calculus above & below the infected gum-line at least for every 90 days in contrary to regular cleaning done in twice a year.

During treatment, the application of anesthesia is used to lessen some volume of bacteria in the mouth, and then the surgeon uses a sharp tool called curette to physically remove the tartar deposit if this isn’t sufficient an electric instrument called ultrasonic scaler is used.

Afterward, the dentist levels the exterior to make the cementum smooth. It is because rough enamel will increase plaque growth in the future. But a smooth surface will prove effective against potential germs underneath.

Certain benefits 

There is no one-time solution for periodontal illness. But regular maintenance can preserve the condition obtained by the procedure. The recurrence of infection is eliminated as this treatment stimulates the healing of vital bones resulting in a robust structure.

Such plaque causes discoloration in teeth due to bacteria buildup, and this procedure by cleaning makes the teeth look & feel healthy.

Serious health problem like cardiac sickness & stroke is prevented by retaining bone health and supports teeth & gum functionality.

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