Top 16 Healthy Food Of India – Vigorous And Flavourful

healthy food

Nowadays, Youth are promoting healthy food by adopting a healthy lifestyle. And everyone is participating in this public health. 

Healthy eating habits don’t need to be costly. However, it is tied with healthy food decisions. When attempting to fuse more good food into the diet plans, we frequently look outside. Honestly, there are many healthy edibles already present in your kitchen. You need to utilize them and add them to your daily meal. We will disclose to you some very nutritious and healthy food items found in every kitchen. Include more of these foods to stay healthy.

Curd ( Raita )

Curd is fully loaded with protein, calcium, magnesium and gut-friendly bacteria also present in this because of bacteria present in the Curd, which is good for the digestive tract. It can also improve your digestive health and prevent your stress many more. In addition, using Curd helps to maintain our hair and skin glow and smooth. By adding some veggies like – onion, cucumber, capsicum, it will be converted like raita. 


Pulses are loaded with vitamins and minerals and loaded with nutrients. It provides several health benefits. It prevents the risk of diabetes, cancer and many more problems. Pulses help to regenerate new cells and also help to maintain blood circulation. It also keeps our digestive system healthy. In other states, For transport pulses mainly, 14 Wheeler Truck is used. The truck is a better way of transporting goods. It keeps everything safe and works in any condition of weather without creating any issue. 


Paneer is fully loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is a dairy product that contains less fat and calories. It has conjugated linoleic acid, which helps lose weight and is healthy for bones and teeth. To make it more flavoured and rich in source, you can add veggies. This is purely vegetarian. 


Palak contains high amounts of iron, calcium, and vitamins. Palak is necessary for the eyes and keeps blood circulation working smoothly. palak contains omega-3 fatty acid, which helps to glow our skin and maintain our hair growth. In addition, Palak is a healthy option for the heart, reducing constipation, cancer, and diabetes. For more varieties, it can mix with veggies and with paneer also. 


Another name of millet is bajra. Millet is a good source of energy, highly rich in proteins, fibre, and magnesium and is used to prevent cancer, promote heart health and digestion. In addition, millets are known as prebiotic, which means they support good bacteria in your digestive system. Here, You will find some extra dose of nutritious and deliciously healthy food. 


Garlic has a strong flavour which can make any dish delicious. In addition, garlic helps prevent the symptoms of high and low blood pressure and high cholesterol and cuts down the risk of coronary heart disease and fibrosis. The substantial benefit of garlic is due to the presence of sulphur content in it that helps in immune enhancement.  


Idli is the primary South Indian dish, which is light in consumption. It is a gluten-free diet and contains carbohydrates, fats, and fibre and helps in weight loss. It is rich in sauce, and everyone loves to make idli for breakfast with coconut chutney and sambar. 


Everyone knows India is a land of flavoured spices. They can help prevent inflammation, heal wounds, reduce the damage caused by free radicals in the body, boost immunity and prevent the risk of some deadly diseases. All spices are good for health, and because of herbs, we add flavour to our dishes. Mainly, Uttarakhand, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are the founders of spices. For transport all over India, CNG trucks are best. This is because a CNG truck offers super durability and work efficiency.     

Brown rice 

It is the best meal for diet-planners because it is rich in fiber and has lower calories than white rice. It helps to reduce weight, hypertension and sugar. Brown rice is a rich source of phenols and flavonoids. Eating brown rice daily is a better option than white rice. 


Dhokla is a famous dish originated from Gujarat, and it has high nutritional value. It can be eaten as a starter, snacks, or main course. It will be prepared without adding ghee or oil. It is made from gram flour and split green gram, and these pulses are rich in proteins and fibre.


Sprouts are purely nourishing and healthy food. It contains vitamins vital for enriching skin and hair growth and preventing the growth of cancer cells, acne, and premature ageing. In addition, sprouts are rich in fibre-containing nutrients. For more variety, people love to eat with veggies and curry, even eaten raw. 


Dalai is made from broken wheat, It is rich in calcium and iron, and its co-ingredients enhance. Its nutritious values are vegetables, milk, or spices. Dalai has a low glycemic index and, therefore, a portion of healthy food for diabetic patients. It can be prepared with veggies, pulses, and many more. 

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