Follow These 7 Quick Steps for a Healthy Cat Diet Plan!

cat diet plan

Cat owners before did not care much about the feeding pattern of their kitties. But in recent times cat owners are seriously concerned with how they should feed their kitties. A decent cat diet plan includes countless subjects. I will try to reflect upon a few of the most important topics which are crucial for your cats’ healthy development.  

A Balanced Cat Diet Plan 

Many cat owners make the mistake of buying foods with shiny and attractive packaging. But one thing they often fail to recognize is, that in order to pick the best diet cat food they should focus on the nutritional values. If your cat is skinny and unhealthy then perhaps, she is lacking fat and protein. So, when you buy food for your cat, try to find food which has more protein than carbs and fat. 

If your cat is extremely playful and you are sure that the reason, she is not increasing weight is her playfulness, then you can give her carb-rich foods. Because the carbohydrates will give her the energy to run and play, therefore, reserved fat, which is essential for healthy growth in cats, will not be wasted and your cat will remain in good shape. Similarly, if your cat is obese then giving her a high fat and protein diet may not be a suitable option. 

Try, then, to find foods that have a lot of fiber in it and less fat and carb. This is how you should maintain your cat’s balanced diet. An appropriate balancing between protein, carbohydrate, and fat will result in a healthy cat residence.  

Another way to determine the food you are buying for your cat diet plan is balanced or not is to look for the official statement from AAFCO on the packaging of the cat food you are buying. If the statement says that the food is ‘’complete’’ and ‘’balanced’’ then you can go ahead. You see in each and every case information on the packaging is vital. I would, therefore, like to strongly suggest you read the information on the packaging of the cat food before buying.  

Have a Fixed Time and Amount

It is better to mimic the natural cat hunting pattern in terms of deciding the time of feeding your cat. Know the best handmade watches? It helps you to manage your time properly. Otherwise, check the best Movado watch review for maintaining your time to feed your kitty in time. 

Cats normally hunt in the dawn and dusk. Therefore, giving them meals at these two times can be beneficial for them.   

Well, in terms of calculating how much food you should give your cat it is better to visit a vet. Usually, a cat needs 200 calories each day. But a vet will be able to calculate the exact number of calories and other nutrients which your cat may need based on your cats’ age and weight.  

Raw Meat? 

Usually, cats in the wild tend to eat raw meat. But they would consume the whole creature. For instance, a whole bird or a mouse. For a house cat giving them raw meat can have some problems. First of all, raw meat will fill up the stomach of your cat therefore, she will not able to consume other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and fibers. Secondly, raw meat may contain bacteria which house cats will have difficulty to deal with. So, based on these two conclusions, you may stop giving your kitty a raw meat diet from now on. 

Don’t forget about Water 

As we discuss cat food one thing, we often forget about is water. Cats usually do not communicate much about water either. But giving her too little water can have a devastating impact in the long term. Water is essential to all living beings. Nearly 70% of a cat’s body weight is water. Water deficiency in cats can cause serious illnesses and cats can even die from water deficiency.  

Many cats like to drink water from fountains. Therefore, you can install a cat fountain in your house so that she can drink enough water. Many cats drink water if the water is served in clean bowls. If your cat does not want to drink much try giving her a wet food diet. This diet will provide essential minerals for your cats’ physical wellbeing.  

Vitamin Supplements 

Many cat owners tend to decide what vitamin supplements they should give their cats. But a visit to a vet is required for such supplements. Usually, vitamin supplements are NOT necessary for healthy cats. Unless your cat has some sort of physical deficiencies you should prefer not to provide vitamin supplements.  

Vitamin supplements are prescribed when your cat needs extra nutrients and falling short in the nutrient count. There are some conditions in cats in which they are unable to consume a particular vitamin type. In that case, vitamin supplements are used. Further, pregnant cats often fall short in the nutrient count. In this case, vets prescribe certain vitamin supplements for them.  

Foods to Avoid  

There are certain foods that we humans may be comfortable with, but can be dangerous for your kitty. In this case, you should have a clear idea as to what type of food you should avoid while serving your cat. First in this list comes onion, garlic, and chives. 

They can easily break down the red blood cells of your cat and this results in anemia. Onion poisoning is another issue in cats that should be given utmost care. Furthermore, you should avoid giving your cat grapes and raisins as they can cause kidney failure in cats. Caffeine, chocolates and raw eggs are also in this list and it is better if you can avoid them. 

Final Words 

Foods are an integral part of the survival of any creature whether that is humans or cats. Therefore, foods should be given utmost importance when you have a cat living with you. 

The cat that lives with us is our responsibility. We won’t eat foods which can be dangerous for us and similarly we should not introduce our cats to foods which are dangerous for them. Give them a healthy diet instead and you will get a healthy and happy cat house in return! 

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