Healthland EHR: Features, Pricing and More!

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About Healthland Centriq 

Healthland EHR is a software designed to keep patient records safe as well as allow and facilitate the management of a medical practice. This software was specifically designed to cater to smaller practices especially those practices existing in rural areas and serving smaller populations. 

The software provides a great way to not only manage patient records but also to make sure you are able to manage your practice seamlessly. There are a lot of great features in this software which help you achieve your goals. In this piece we will be telling you about the various features in this software, pricing for it and more. So if Healthland EHR is software you are thinking of shifting to or investing in then you are in the right place! 

Healthland EHR Features 

Internal Communication Made Easy 

With healthland centriq EHRyou are easily able to streamline the communication processes at your medical practice. This software has a great communications feature which allows your staff to internally communicate with one another. The feature allows doctors, nurses and support staff to constantly be updated with one another. Having streamlined communication methods is very important because it helps you keep track of everything at your practice and also be able to make your processes much more efficient! When all your staff and you are able to make decisions easily, it helps you to keep things running smoothly and hence give your patients a better experience with you and your practice! 

Reduce Paperwork Errors 

With Healthland EHR, you are able to reduce the number of errors you might have otherwise made in your paperwork. This software helps automate several aspects of filling out paperwork, gives helpful suggestions and reminders which help you avoid mistakes you might have otherwise made. The computerized and automated aspect for this software helps you to reduce errors which is incredibly beneficial for you. Of course this means you are able to reduce the time it takes for you to do paperwork, you do not have to revisit paperwork or do it all over again which again helps you save a lot of time and effort from your end as well. 

Customize your Dashboard 

The dashboard feature in Healthland EHR is another feature a lot of users praise and talk about positively. This feature helps you make things more efficient at your medical practice overall. The software helps you customize the dashboard so that it fits your needs. You can place features wherever you please and where you find them easier to access. All in all, you are able to make things so much simpler for yourself and your staff. The dashboard is easy to navigate which helps you to switch from one feature to the next very easily which helps make things better for you and helps you save both time and effort. 

Order Lab Tests Directly 

With Healthland Centriq EHR, you can order lab tests for your patient directly from the software itself without having to separately call a lab and request them. This again helps you save time and effort as well. The software also allows you to receive the test results directly from the lab as soon as they are made available which helps you again save time between seeing a patient and making a diagnosis. For certain conditions, you need test results in order to make a better clinical decision and the entire process of getting test results is made easy because of this feature itself! 

Staff Management Made Simple

The software is not only great at managing your electronic health records but can also help you manage your practice much more easily. This software allows you to manage your staff schedules, details and records seamlessly through the help of the features in this software. With the software’s staff management feature, payroll management and more is made so much simpler. This gives you an opportunity to spend more time on patients than the management or administrative aspect of running a practice since the software pretty much does that for you! 

Healthland EHR Pricing

Unfortunately, the pricing for Healthland EHR is not available online. However, you can easily find out the price by requesting the vendor for a quote. According to Healthland EHR reviews, the pricing for the software is quite average and much less than most big names in the world of EHR software! 

Should You Buy Healthland Centriq EMR

Whether you should buy Healthland EHR or not completely depends on what your needs as a medical practice are. We suggest that you read as many Healthland EHR reviews as you can to determine if the software has any issues you should be aware of. 

We also suggest asking the vendor for a demo or a trial of the software before committing to it since this will help you make a better decision about the software overall! Hopefully whatever decision about Healthland EHR you do make will be the right one for you!

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