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Health is wealth. We have all heard that before. But is the fast-paced lifestyle that we have emulated allowing us to treat health as wealth? Daily routines, the clamour for earning money, grinning and bearing the stress of work bow us down. The scary bit is that we don’t even realise our health is getting affected until there are telltale signs and when it ultimately leads to a major illness.

The fast-moving city life has not only affected health-related to a rise in the cost of living and hence expenses. To make sure that you and your family are financially secure in times of emergencies, it is important to have your acquisitions insured, but it is more important to have your health preserved. 

The UAE is not only known for highly-trained physicians and modern medical equipment but innovative research as well. But unannounced situations can arise anytime, and the sudden burden of fulfilling monetary needs is not something that should precede health worries. So to cushion the impact, while ensuring you are provided with the best facilities, a Health Insurance is imperative for your financial planning as well as health.

 A health insurance policy is a type of cover that provides financial coverage for surgical and medical expenses incurred by you during these unprecedented circumstances when the insured or his family members are hospitalised.

All that spoken for, health insurance doesn’t just end its extension there. Nowadays, insurance companies in the UAE pile various benefits and add-on features to health insurance to have the coverage as efficient as possible. Let’s get down to breaking up the benefits of purchasing a health insurance policy.

1. Benefit for Employees

Health insurance in Dubai legally requires employers to provide medical cover for their employees, and the employers must not deduct premiums or reduce the salary of the employee to mitigate the cost of insurance cover. 

In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), is the regulator of the healthcare sector. Medical insurance in Abu Dhabi is covered under the Thiqa Scheme, where the employers are legally obligated to provide for their employees and their dependents. The dependants include 1 spouse and 3 children below the age of 18 years.

2. Worldwide Coverage/ Geographical Extensions

Who doesn’t want peace of mind when travelling out of the country? Most insurance companies provide the benefit of geographical extension of the policy either to specific countries or worldwide, allowing you to benefit from the insurance policy even while you’re out of your country. That sounds like a plan!

3. Maternity Coverage

A new life must come with new benefits. Maternity cover is considered to be one of the most crucial benefits extended by health insurances, and most insurance companies in the UAE extend a multitude of advantages to this feature. Though one of the most advanced in the world, the medical facilities in the UAE also come with heavy expenses. This benefit usually covers pre and postnatal treatments, and surgeries as needed, cutting the cost of expenses on one hand and providing pre and post-delivery care and therapies on the other. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

4. Specialty Care

Even once you’re well and recovered, medical costs for post-hospitalisation treatments and therapies still linger. Can you imagine not having to pay for any of that? Many health insurance providers in the UAE extend covers for speciality medical services such as physiotherapy, gynaecology, nutritionists that you as an insurer may consult. This allows a complete packaged cover even after you have completed hospitalisation duration. Expenses saved alongside special care is an integral benefit that health insurance provides.

5. No Claim Bonus (NCB)

This bonus gives extra advantage without you doing anything.

In a scenario where you hold a medical insurance plan and abstain from making any kind of claim for any treatment or procedure throughout the one year tenure of the policy, you become eligible to be rewarded No Claim Bonus. This bonus comes to you either in the form of a discount on the premium or as an increment in the sum insured. This not only keeps you safe and mindful but well-endowed and secure!

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