5 Health Facts Your Doctor Wants You to Know

health facts

If you’ve been looking to improve your health and well-being, then working out, eating vegetables, and meditating may not be enough to help you achieve that goal as quickly and effectively as you’d want. Achieving that also requires you to keep yourself updated on different aspects of health to always stay top of your health.

Today, you’re going to learn about some little-known facts that doctors wish their patients knew, which you can use to avoid illnesses and lead a better, happier life. They include the following:

If you’re always feeling tired and moody, try exercising

Many people always blame their exhaustion and moodiness for their sedentary behavior; however, there are those who fear working out for fear that they’ll overstretch their bodies and achieve a negative effect. According to science, however, if you’re always tired, then you should consider it a very good reason to exercise often, as physical activity increases blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. When that happens, your levels of oxygen and mood increase and the levels of chemicals known as endorphins surge, increasing your feeling of well-being.

Eating more nuts can increase your lifespan

People usually die because of diseases and conditions associated with the heart, brain, and other organs and tissues in the body. This means that if you’re able to delay the onset or effect of these diseases and conditions, you would be able to add years to your life.

Nuts are extremely high in antioxidants, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and folate. Due to these components, nuts are some of the best foods you can eat to prevent or improve heart disease, inflammation, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, obesity, some types of cancer and so many more. Actually, there have been several studies and reviews that link nuts to a lower risk of premature death.

Keeping a healthy weight can protect your liver

Carrying excess weight around your middle region can lead to insulin resistance, a condition that’s characterized by the body’s failure to respond to insulin appropriately. Insulin resistance can lead to fatty liver disease, and a host of many other issues consequently, such as an increased risk of liver failure. If you carry excess weight around your mid-section, you should aim to reduce it to about 40 inches if you’re a man, or about 35 inches if you’re a woman.

Not all condoms prevent infection

Latex condoms are a type of condoms made from a natural rubber known as latex. Although some people experience allergies after using them, they’re among the safest forms of contraception. The non-latex condoms, on the other hand, are made from a form of plastic known as polyurethane and are usually used by people suffering from latex allergies.

While the non-latex condoms may seem ideal, they may expose you to sexually transmitted infections, as they conduct more heat, making them more highly likely to break. On top of that, they’re usually unable to stretch as much as the latex condoms, which means that they’re more likely to slip off more easily as well. Actually, a study that was conducted in 2003 found that polyurethane condoms are 2.5 more likely to break or slip off than latex condoms, settling the latex vs non-latex condom debate. This means that you’re more likely to get STIs when you use non-latex condoms.

Sleeping naked is better than sleeping in clothes

According to the US National Sleep Foundation, sleeping naked is a lot better than sleeping in any piece of clothing. The study’s researchers gave a number of reasons to support their findings, some of which include the following:

  • The body naturally sets the optimal temperature to provide the body full sleep. Sleepwear and other clothing types usually disrupt this mechanism, which makes the body overheat.
  • Sleeping naked cools down the body. When this happens, the hormones responsible for faster cell regeneration are produced in larger quantities, leading to better-looking hair and skin in the long run.
  • Sleeping without any clothes makes you less likely to develop fungal infections. It also increases blood circulation.
  • Sleeping without any clothes makes you less likely to develop fungal infections. It also increases blood circulation.

As we’ve seen, therefore, exercising is a great way to improve mood and energy, you can increase your years by eating more nuts, you can improve your liver by watching your weight, you should not rely on non-latex condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections and, lastly, you should sleep naked as much as possible.

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