What You Should Know About the Hauling Services In Berkeley CA

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Located at the East Bay of the States, Bekeley CA stretches over an area of 17.7 square miles and is a place that more than 120,000 people call home. Not to mention that with such a huge number of people, the area ends up producing a great amount of waste which needs to be hauled so very often in order to keep the surroundings clean and crisp.

And to do that, numerous companies under the banner of ‘Hauling Company Berkeley CA’ have sprouted in and around the area in a matter of time to provide services that are not only crucial but also extremely important. 

UC Berkeley, one of the most well-known and reputed educational institutions of the country, accommodates over 38,000 students who spend a lot of time moving in and out of the campus, leaving behind a magnificent amount of trash that needs to be taken care of regularly. 

Though it might sound unbelievable, these thirty-eight thousand students have been estimated to be producing around 12,000 tons of junk every year, which not only includes things like papers and worn out clothes, but also stuff like electronics, furniture and even refrigerators along with a huge amount of many other things. 

And all these things are categorized in one way and one way alone: junk that needs to be hauled. And that is exactly where those numerous hauling companies step in. 

From providing curb-side trash collection services to yearly pickups of bulky items such as furniture and electronics, Berkeley’s hauling projects do it all. And that too in a remarkably effective as well as efficient way. With the junk removal being divided in three main parts, the companies provide services for residential, commercial, and electronic waste junk removal. 

Residential Trash Removal 

This sub service aids in allowing residents to get junk removed from wherever they are located. Not only that, the trained professionals who are sent to do their job make sure that they do it in the best possible way without creating any kind of mess in any residential area whatsoever. 

They not only haul the required trash away while following the directives given by the customer, but also make sure that they clean up once they are done, leaving the pick-up point spotless and shining as they do. 

Commercial Trash Removal 

With the presence of eco-friendly and recycle bins all over the place, hauling services in Berkeley CA work towards handling trash in an extra careful and environmentally friendly way throughout commercialized zones. 

Working in public places, especially when children and elderly are present around, the companies make sure that they follow all protocols to make the trash extraction process as safe as possible for everyone who is around them. 

Electronic Waste Hauling 

With advancing time even though a lot of change has come about when it comes to the care of the environment, but with technology also came numerous other gadgets that are bound to be used by every single person who now steps foot in this world. 

And with this huge change in lifestyle, E-waste was introduced which includes trash that consists of various electronic products that are no longer viable for the user. Be it calculators, phones, television sets, laptops or even printers and electronic games, usually a big percentage of these end up in the trash one way or another and require proper and safe disposal. And luckily, hauling services of Berkeley provide that too! 

Hence, with a great rise in a fast paced and technologically invested life, the fact that humans are still producing a large amount of waste every single day does not change. And the idea of needing many trash hauling companies stays put to keep a check in and around the area to make sure that nothing unwanted is left around in the streets that might end up harming something or someone.

This not only increases what we call ‘junk removal estimate Berkeley CA’, but also makes one wonder if some changes are now necessary to take in order to change the way things have been when it comes to an area’s trash production. 

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