A beautiful porch swing can add a visual appeal to your house. After selecting the right porch swing for your house, you should look out for the right way to hang it. While hanging the swing on your porch, you should pay topmost priority to safety. When you install a heavy swing on your porch, then it is entirely supported by your home. The improper installation can lead to damage to your property and can also injure you. The process of hanging a porch swing is quite difficult. Therefore, we recommend you do a little planning before starting the installation process.  

Step 1: Collect Necessary Supplies

You should collect the supplies that are required for the installation of a heavy swing on your porch. The installation of a porch swing is not possible alone. Therefore, you should take help of other people as well. One of the simplest ways to prepare for installation is to get the complete kit for the hanging porch swing. . With the help of a hanging kit, you can easily install the porch swing. This process of installation is quite economical and sturdy as well. Supplies that you need for hanging a porch swing are measuring tape, porch swing hanging hardware, 2.5-inch wood screws, drill bits, four heavy-duty hanging chains or rope, etc.

Step 2: Find the Ceiling Joists

You should have a general idea of where to hang your porch swing. But, we recommend you that do not hang the load-bearing seat just anywhere. It is important to hang it in a solid location which is a ceiling joist. The joist to your ceiling is like a stud to your wall. It is like a stiff wood beam that is large and capable to hold the weight of your house. You should not hang your porch swing on the beadboard, plywood, or any other ceiling material. There are two easy ways to determine the location of the joist on your porch.

From the Attic

If you have direct access to the attic, then you should simply look upside and find the joist.  

With a Stud Finder

The stud finder can also help you to find the ceiling joist. You should run it with your ceiling if you fail to hear a strong beep sound. It is important to determine the direction of the joist is running.

Step 3: Find Where to Hang Porch

Once you have located the joist, then you should know the point where you can safely hang your porch swing. The swing will have the movement in back and forth directions. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you plan accordingly. Before choosing the location, you should measure it twice. While hanging the porch, you should keep following things in your mind:

Swing Orientation

You should find out in which direction you want your swing porch swing to face. It will be dependent on the shape and size of your porch. Simply, you should make a plan on how to use your swing. If you want to improve the visual appeal of the porch, then you hang the swing parallel to the street.

Swing Space

Once you have determined the orientation, then the next important thing to consider is swing space. You should find out the amount of space utilized by the swing while move side to side and back and forth.

Step 4: Use Hanging Hardware

First of all, you should measure the distance between the porch swing and actual hanging hooks. It should be at least 4 inches. It will help in providing little wide support and help in spreading out the weight of the swing over the support beam. Now, create marks for the hanging hooks over the ceiling joist with the help of a pencil. You should double-check the measurement so that you can make sure that there is no probability of error. You should hold the first hanging hook with the ceiling. It should be centered on the first mark and also should be properly aligned with the joist. Now, take out the drill and start drilling at the marked point. You should drill the holes a little bit smaller as compared to the wooden screws. Now, fix the hanging hook with the help of two wooden screws. Also, you should hang a comfortable spring with the hook. Now, repeat all these steps for the installation of the second hanging hook. Finally, attach the hanging chain, heavy duty swing hangers and integrate the swing.

Step 5: Test Your Swing

If you want to test your swing, then it is recommended to start with the light push. It will help to determine the clearance. Also, you will get to know that swing is working smoothly. If it is moving properly, then you should just sit over the swing. If everything is okay, then it means you are ready to enjoy the beautiful evening on this wing porch.

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