4 Hands-on Experience Jobs for Students to Prepare for Post-Graduate Life

Many students opt to work while pursuing a degree or professional certificate. There can be several reasons why they choose to work, but the most common one is to get employment opportunities that can help them prepare for life after graduation. If you decide to find an internship or a part-time job related to your major or the industry you plan to enter after completing your studies, this experience can help educate and upskill you for your long-term career. On the other hand, you can gain valuable insights into what it’s like to be employed, even if your job is unrelated to your major or area of study. In a world full of opportunities, college students can now find jobs that pay well to help cover their expenses.

In this article, we explore some of the best hands-on experience jobs for students. We will also learn their responsibilities and the skills they can develop to prepare for building a thriving future career.

What Are Job Roles Suitable For Students To Do During Their Education?

Customer Service Representative 

As a customer service representative, your role is to act as the face of your employer and communicate with customers to guide and help them with their inquiries. Your daily interactions with different people require you to adjust your communication style to help customers find solutions to their unique situations. If you enjoy assisting others, then a career in customer service could be a great fit for you. The best part about this job is that it offers career opportunities in almost every industry, from retail stores to call centers and remote work. The education requirements for customer service roles vary depending on the position and its responsibilities.

For instance, entry-level customer service representatives usually only require a high school diploma or an associate degree, followed by on-the-job training. This makes customer service an excellent choice for students pursuing their bachelor’s degree. It is also one of the highest paying job roles that gives you enough money that you can hire coursework writing services without destroying your budget.  

Social Media Intern       

A social media intern is responsible for helping a business improve their social media presence. They usually work as an intern under the content marketing or media director to gain experience in the field. Their main tasks include creating social media content to engage the target audience, developing campaigns to increase outreach and sales, and performing other small tasks such as responding to direct messages and comments on social sites. 

To be eligible for a social media internship, companies typically require the candidate to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a field like communications, marketing, or management. Some educational institutes may also accept external internships as academic credit. Additionally, those pursuing a social media internship can take classes at a technical school to build their skills. Courses in public relations, digital or social media marketing, graphic design, creative writing and software like Photoshop are relevant to the social media intern’s duties.

Research Assistant 

Student research assistants provide support to professionals by assisting with research projects, collecting data, and documenting findings. Graduate and undergraduate students often seek research assistant positions to gain practical experience in an academic environment. The responsibilities of a student research assistant may vary on multiple factors. This includes the program, field of study, and instructor they work with.

Common tasks include collecting data or samples, publishing professional research reports, handling online resources, and more. Working as a research assistant provides opportunities to establish professional connections with top researchers, professors, and colleagues of your field. Building a strong professional network can be beneficial for career advancement.

Content Writer 

A content writer is someone who produces suitable and engaging material for websites. They are responsible for creating compelling content to engage the clients and maintain a brand voice in a proper manner. If you’re a self-motivated person with a passion for producing content like blogs, documents, scripts and advertisements, a career as a content writer may be great for you.

Students can start working in the field of writing and provide content and essay writing services USA during their studies. To do so, there are a few basic steps that you can practice. First, build your skills by taking writing workshops. Second, make a strong portfolio by creating a blog. Finally, connect with other writing professionals in the industry. To become a proficient writer, you need to invest a good amount of time.

Different Job Opportunities That Students Can Choose While Studying


Apart from hands-on experience jobs for students, Internships also have high significance. They are the first step towards a successful career in any well-known company. Some internships are paid and may even lead to a job offer upon completion. Even if a job offer is not extended, internships can provide valuable references for future job opportunities and help you build connections within your desired industry. Ultimately, internships offer a chance to gain practical experience and a deeper understanding of your chosen field.

Work Placement 

Undertaking a work placement is an excellent way to acquire professional experience. Students can work in a real environment, typically without any financial compensation. Universities provide work placements as a part of their degree courses. Your grade may depend on the tasks you complete during the placement. As part of the placement, you may need to fulfil a project and submit progress reports. These year-long placements are commonly taken between the second and final year of university. The majority of big graduate recruiters advertise placements from the early autumn term through to the spring term.


When you are searching for work during your graduate studies, there are a few things that you should take into account. The main one is to find a job that has a flexible schedule and is easily accessible to you. If you are looking to improve your career skills, it is recommended to look for a position related to the field in which you want to work. In this article, we have covered hands-on experience jobs for students that can polish their skills. These job roles can also provide a good experience to build a successful professional life.