The year 2020 has been a stressful and challenging year for all of us. With the impact of the pandemic, our life has somehow changed and turned around. This New Year—year 2021 calls for rejoice and celebration as we venture and journey to another year full of hope and enthusiasm.

It is a year of change, indeed. Therefore, if you are an adult that is reconstructing or refurnishing your whole house and some furniture and upholstery, now is the time to look on what is on the list of trends today.

For our topic, I am going to show you list of colors that are welcome and in trend this 2021. This will give you ideas on what color/s to pick and choose for your sofas, chairs, table covers, curtains and most especially your handmade cushions.

1. Color of the year: Yellow and Gray

Color of the year: Yellow and Gray

This year, Pantone, a company known for proprietary color space used in different industries, has taken a step in naming two different colors as shades of the year. It is the lovely yellow called “illuminating yellow” and the neutral ultimate gray. It is practical and sturdy, but warm and optimistic at the same time. The combination of PANTONE Ultimate gray and PANTONE illuminating yellow is a kind of strength and aggressiveness. This is a colorful story that promises to be friendly and encapsulates a deeper sympathy.

Moreover, the choice of two independent colors emphasizes how different elements can be combined to express a lasting strength and a message of hope.

Therefore, if you want to attempt the color of the year, then try to have a combination of yellow and gray for your handmade cushions.

 2. Juicy colors

One of the color trends leading the design in 2021 is the sudden emergence of strong colors, combining saturated and juicy colors will be a perfect color for your handmade cushions as well.

After these difficult years, people are eager to get enthusiasm and positivity, so the designers provided us with the cheerful corals, magenta and oranges that we need now. These juicy colors provide rejuvenating and uplifting effect. They are warm, not hot.

Also, the combination of bright pink and cream tones forms a charming contrast too.

 3. Gradient colors

Gradient colors

People hope to achieve harmony in 2021. We pursue a sense of comfort from the sense of belongingness and unity. These color palettes is the new trend today and will be able to see even in the future.

As you can see, some of these harmonious palettes are a set of shades of the same color and placed next to each other on the color wheel. For instance is the blending and transition of light orange to dark red. With this, they can achieve the same effect as smooth gradients.

For your handmade cushions at home, you can try blending gradient colors. You can mix purple with a touch of red or blue plus yellow. Just take a look on the logo of the instagram app and you’ll have the idea of what gradient colors look like.

4. Expressionist color

In addition to the list of harmonious and pleasing color trends to see in 2021, you will also see many designs that use color to create dreamy images in unexpected and even surreal ways.

These designs are perfect if you are thinking on having handmade cushions. You may use thick colors such as black and the like. The goal here is to create a landscape full of playful fugitives, where you can find comfortable moments in our challenging reality.

5. Monochrome

There is no new trend in black and white palettes. We see that it actually adds momentum in the last year. However, this is the difference between the 2020 black and white palette and the 2021 version: the black and white design in 2020 depends on the ability to create with many shades of the same color. In 2021, a contrasting shadow on the black and white grayscale is designed to achieve the same effect.

By adding an expressive and bold color, your handmade cushions will not appear flashy and can blend into the world of colors. This is the modern way of over-expressing things, which can keep things simple.

6. Soothing colors

We spent a lot of time watching the screen last year. Of course, we have done a lot of work before, but we usually spent a lot of time watching the movie screens in 2020, which is the year of the virtual meetings and the year of film festivals. Thus, we learned that some colors are easier to see than other.

In 2021, these comfortable, easy-to-see colors have become a trend. In fact, this is a trend that is usually designed to improve eye comfort. That is, with the exquisite, simple design and many beautiful colors, such as red, yellows and oranges, you can create active feelings from your handmade cushions.

7. Faded-looking looks

This is another vibrant color in the color trend of 2021. Imagine your favorite jeans and shirt. Its color fades for a long time, so the pressure line that fits the body looks bright. This is the trend that designers think.

Designers used rough-looking and faded-looking textures and color combinations to show that it tested the time for so long. For your handmade cushions, you may use tan or rusty shades of brown to achieve this color trend.

8. Earth colors

Earth colors

The new warm, neutral tones added yellow and green decorations, sparking new interest. Your handmade cushions need also touch and comfort to use nature as the color combinations. The softness of your handmade cushions together with its perfect shape and the touch of earth color can create new appreciation of natural beauty. By this, you can complement your house in the shadows of simplicity, texture, and nurturing, and complement your quiet environment.

Responding to recent trend is a must, and the color trends this 2021 is no exception. After overcoming 2020 and rediscovering what is really important, it’s no wonder that the color trends 2021 has produced humane aura.

Whether it is redesigning the current appearance of your furniture and other upholstery, or creating you new handmade cushion, you need to deal with multiple color trends this 2021 so that your house will produce a humanized appearance.

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By Anurag Rathod

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