Hair Loss due to Alopecia has Made him a Better Actor

Hair Loss due to Alopecia

How famous people are also affected by Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is so common even the most renowned names of industries are not spared from this. Almost everyone knows about Anthony Carrigan, yes the most famous character of Gotham, an American crime drama series. Anthony is diagnosed with Alopecia Areata at the tender age of 3. And since then he tried everything to hide his condition from the people. After listening to his story, you will realize how hair loss due to Alopecia has made him a better actor.

According to him growing up with this was quite manageable as he has relatively small hair loss patches near the scalp that was easy to conceal. But it always made him feel embarrassed about his condition, for being different from the rest of the crowd. So he hid his hair loss as long as he could, do his schooling and started working. But by then the severity of his condition was increased. At one point when he was working in some show having a viewership of millions, he has lost almost half of his hair near the scalp, both eyebrows and majority of eyelashes. He once said in an interview that while he was looking for the roles he was only getting villains role because people usually typecast bald people for negative roles. Losing hair on your head is still a manageable thing to an extent but when it comes to the complete baldness, people start to feel bad about their own self. Hair fall is a more serious condition then it seems. We are living in a personality-oriented society so it becomes necessary to look good. And opting for effective treatment can be a challenge for many because there are many treatments and products available in the market, who assure to cure hair fall completely. But it depends on the right treatment and medications according to the severity of the hair fall.

If you are facing hair fall and notice more hair on the brush than usual, so this is the right time to give it medical attention by consulting a good hair expert. Losing hair can never be a barrier in your way to success as there are many treatments available. In Advanced Hair Studio, you get the consultation from trained and tested professionals, who have already conducted multiple successful baldness treatments. They have already proven their worth by giving hope to thousands of people around the globe.

Are you facing hair loss? Have you lost confidence because of baldness?

What do we know about hair loss? Is baldness occurring due to hair loss is permanent? We all try to find out the right answer to this question. But very few people come out of this problem. Nowadays it’s very common to find people with bald spots or complete bald head. Due to an uneven schedule and unbalanced diet people start to lose hair. There are many other reasons for hair fall; however, this is the most found reason for hair fall. The most common reason for hair fall in both male and female is Alopecia Areata. On average, the human body loses 100-150 strands of hair in a day, which is completely normal as per experts. However, in women, this number can be increased to 150-200 if you have long hair or rough it up, use excessive shampoos or frequently tie them up in a pony style. But if you notice a handful of hair on your brush or in the shower then you are shedding more than you should.

What is Alopecia Areata? Is it some kind of disease?

So, Alopecia Areata is mostly found in every case of hair fall for both males and females. Calling it a disease cannot be completely wrong but this is something created by our own body. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder that usually results in unpredictable hair loss. Sometimes it can create bald spots near the scalp or in worst cases; it can lead to complete baldness. Depending upon the severity of the condition it can also cause complete body hair loss. This condition can be found in anyone regardless of age and gender, however, in most cases, it occurs before the age of 30.

Is there is any effective product available in the market to cure hair fall? Is hair loss curable?

As we discussed earlier, there is no such product available in the market which can completely cure hair fall. However, a few good products are there which can give you good results if you use them consistently. But once you stop using them you will notice hair fall coming back. So there is no way to get rid of hair fall? To be precise, there are some treatments available but no one can cure the hair fall completely however, it completely depends on the severity of the condition. It is highly advisable to opt for good treatment rather than looking for a cheaper one because a small mistake can cause irreparable damage to your hair. Apart from the treatments, there are few other options as well, for example, hair restoration. It is basically a small surgery in which healthy hair follicles are pulled out from one part of your body and seeded onto the bald patches. Advanced Laser Therapy is also a viable option. It is a non-surgical process to treat common hair problems such as thinning hair, baldness, hair loss or problems associated with the scalp. Laser hair therapy uses laser light to effectively treat the appearance of hair loss in both males and females.

Is surgery is the only option to cure hair fall? Can it be cured with the help of medications?

 Hair fall is of different types. For example, Alopecia Areata, Androgenetic Alopecia or male pattern baldness. Depending upon the condition it can be said that whether hair can be cured or not. In most cases hair fall can be slowed down. But with the help of the advanced technology hair fall can be cured with the help of hair restoration. Basically, hair restoration is a form of surgery where hair follicles are pulled out from the back of your head and seeded on to the balding part of the head. However, this surgery also has its limitations, such as if a person is diagnosed with alopecia areata then it is hard to perform a hair transplant surgery because only healthy cells can be seeded in bald patches to get good results. However, there are different kinds of medication and serums are available but that only should be used as prescribed by the professionals.

How can I find a good hair clinic?

This is the most challenging task nowadays because there are so many hair loss solutions available in the market and it becomes tough to choose among them. But when it comes to hair people take more precautions before getting into any treatment. And that is a good thing because hair is something that defines your personality and having a bunch of thick and shiny hair on the head can boost anyone’s confidence. In Advanced Hair Studio, their trained hair experts analyze your condition and through consultations tell you what is the root cause of the hair fall. Accordingly, they prescribe you the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai. They have an international reputation and with almost 300 studios and alliances around the globe. With the help of their breakthrough technology, they deliver the best and the most advanced hair treatments. For example, Advanced hair check, Strand by Strand ultimate, Advanced laser therapy, Strand by Strand cosmetic, etc. Their trained and tested hair experts always keep your safety as a priority by going through your eating habits, lifestyle to find out the root cause of hair fall. Hair fall can be hereditary so they conduct multiple tests before prescribing any hair loss solution.

What if after the surgery or treatment I again face hair fall? Is it a serious concern?

Losing hair is part of our daily life and an average human loses 100-150 strands of hair every day. The problem starts when fallen hair doesn’t grow back, as it creates bald spots on your head. Usually, people notice hair fall after undergoing treatment but as per experts, it is completely normal because this is the sign that newly seeded hair follicles have started growing. So when new hair follicles start to grow them automatically pull old hair which seems like hair fall. So if you see a bunch of hair on the brush or shower, then it is recommended that you should get in touch with your hair expert as soon as possible. Getting hair fall is not in our hands, but now we don’t have to live with it because there are multiple treatments are available for different kinds of hair fall. All it takes to consult the right people at the right time to cure your hair loss and regain your lost confidence.

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