Hair Extension Packaging Ideas for This Winter

Hair Extension Packaging
Hair Extension Packaging

With a turnaround in work facilities, there is a new way to do everything. Yes, even for your startup cosmetic business that requires renovation. Custom cosmetic boxes were found in the historic periods and are no exception till today.

This time, for hair extensions packaging and your hair wigs, has downed to pull an increase of multi-millions in subsidiary communities. Men, women, everyone is obsessed. And it is time for you to pull them more with your creative packaging designs for hair extensions.

The next year is coming with a bomb, and you are supposed to get ahead with raving new designing tips that will last you longer than any of those stock packaging you use. But first, let’s have a look at how it is better if you stick to the packaging trends of custom hair extension boxes.

Why Is It Important to Follow Extension Packaging Trends?

Here are three short reasons why you should pay attention to packaging trends of the hair extension industry:

  1. Make customers (and your competitor) you are here to stay with all your might.
  2. Makes every extension launch fun for you and your customers.
  3. Enables you to attract promotion opportunities for hair extensions in various ways.

For every product being sold right now. There is hype, one that allows you to be on top without recurring problems. One of them is custom packaging.

Cosmetic boxes have been best friends of beauty retailers for almost decades. Never truly letting their consumers down. Benefiting them in ways they never thought would happen. It is important to gauge current trends rolling in the hair extension community. Not only for the product itself but for its packaging too.

Why Should You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone?

For most hair extension and beauty retailers, their comfort zone is overdoing their product but never ensuring the safety of those extensions. By stepping out of your comfort zone of stock hair extension boxes you are allowing your brand to grow in the public eye. And overall, just gain more popularity in the industry.

Using trendy custom hair extension packaging ideas to design your next big launch, we bet that you will not only have fun, but you will also be able to sell more with authentication. So get your notes ready to note down some of the most exciting winter season hair extension packaging designs.

Enticing & Alluring: Artistic Winter Season Hair Extension Packaging Designs

With the restrictions of businesses easing up, give your dull boxes a new way to sell with excitement and fun in the winter season with your custom hair extension packaging.

It is your time to shine with ornaments (not literal) and features that can leave a drastic effect on your packaging at the beginning of the new year. Here are some of our favourites.

Don’t Stay Plain – Shapes & Dimensions

Use different box styles to catch up with current trends. You need to make your hair extension boxes worthy when your consumer steps out of their houses in the chilling cold air, just to receive your package.

Delight them by using mailer boxes, Kraft boxes adorned with extra features. Go crazy with the dimensions of the extension boxes. Create the wholesale packaging to communicate with your beauty lovers, and give them what they know will love.

This time around the year, do not stay the same square or rectangle-shaped hair extension boxes. Switch it up with different boxes by style. Maybe even make subscription hair extension boxes and sell with utmost excitement.

Make It Pop With Die-Cut & Foil Plating

It is dire to make each box pop in the crowd with custom hair extension boxes. And you can do that by foiling the box. Or better yet, foil plate-specific parts of the extension box to have attention swarmed on that specific part.

This is a trend that never gets old. One of the best features of a hair extension box is the logo and the way it feels to touch. If you use high-quality features to adorn the custom hair extension box, of course, buyers will pick them off their shelves when they buy their Black Friday deals.

Use Colors With Coatings

Coatings are one of the best parts of a custom box. And what would happen if your extension boxes lack it? Something bad, we assure you. So add different color palettes into the equation to start revolutionizing the feeling of your cardboard hair extension boxes.

Use coatings on the entire box, or choose to implement it on a specified portion of your custom hair extension boxes.

Which Style Is for You?

A few facts to consider before you hop on the trends:

Not Every Design Trend Can Be Right for Your Hair Extensions

Make sure your hair extensions are properly safe while you do not sacrifice their quality for custom extension boxes.

Keep In Mind the Budget

For a start-up retailing business, some of these designs can cost a pretty hefty amount of money, but if you choose to keep it simple, that’s alright too. After all, simplicity is the best fashion.

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