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Changing locations to find the best countries to work in is not a new trend. People go where opportunities are. That is why there are many foreign individuals who have to work in Singapore. Singapore houses one of the biggest corporations from all over the world. These corporations have been the pillars and foundation of the strong Singaporean economy.

However, since Singapore is a relatively small country its population size cannot sustain the workforce demand of these businesses. These businesses require professionals from all kinds of fields and positions. So, it is only natural that Singapore gets foreign talents to fill in these kinds of job positions.

work visa

It is easy to attract foreign individuals to Singapore because it has one of the best living conditions. Its infrastructure is one of the best in the world which makes it easier for mobility. Its healthcare system is also considered as one of the most advanced sectors, not just in Asia but in the whole world. So, Singapore offers easy work visa applications. A number of foreign nationals are interested in working here because of these procedures. If you want to know more, here is a guide to the different Singapore work visa and their immigration.

General requirements

If you want to apply for a work permit Singapore pass you have to be of legal age or at least 18 years old on the day of your application. They must also be a legal passport holder of the country of their origin. The passport should be valid for the duration or validity of the work permit Singapore pass.

Candidates are only allowed to work within the scope of the job they’re applying for. They’re also required to show or submit proof of their qualifications for the job. If you are getting a work visa as an employee they are not allowed to take part in any other business or start their own.

Work visa holders are also not allowed to marry a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident without the approval of the Ministry of Manpower. They’re only allowed to reside at the residence that is chosen by the employer at the beginning of their employment. Lastly, there are required to carry that work visa certificate at all times for inspection. To know more here are the different types of work visas that you can get when you apply in Singapore.

Types of work visa

Employment pass

This work permit Singapore pass is intended for professionals that are working in the level of managerial, executive, directorial, or those that have specialized job offers. The general requirements apply for this kind of work visa so it should be accomplished first.

Once the general requirements are met, one should remember that as an employment pass candidate you should have a valid job offer in Singapore. Since this is intended for high-ranking professionals, a university degree and other certificates of your qualification and credentials should be presented.

If you want to apply for this work permit Singapore pass you have to be earning at least SGD4500 on the date of your application. This is to ensure that all candidates can tend to themselves once in Singapore.

Approved candidates are also allowed to bring their families along in Singapore as long as their sponsor company is willing to apply for it. All legally married spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 are qualified for a dependent pass. While common-law spouses and stepchildren under the age of 21 will be allowed to secure a long-term visitation pass.

S Pass

This work permit Singapore pass is intended for middle-skilled workers that are interested in working in Singapore. Just like the employment pass, all general requirements apply to this kind of work visa.

Candidates for this work visa are not required to have a university degree. However, they should have the necessary and adequate training and knowledge for the job that they are applying for. Singapore will consider candidates even if they do not have a diploma as long as they have at least one year’s worth of academics related to the job.

Just like the employment pass relatives of an S pass holder are also eligible to apply for a visitation pass. Qualifications and requirements are the same with employment pass holders’ relatives.


Singapore does not only issue permits for working employees. Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to try the Singaporean economy. They can apply for the EntrePass that is intended for business owners.

They can apply before they incorporate their company in Singapore or even after. The only restriction is that they cannot apply if their company has been incorporated for more than six months. During their application, they should present documents that can prove the legality of their business. As long as the business is venture-backed and has technological innovations, there is a high possibility that the application will be approved.

Personalised employment pass

The work permit Singapore pass as mentioned above does not allow an individual to stay unemployed in Singapore. Once the foreign candidate is already out of job, they are advised to go back to their country of origin.

However, with a personalised employment pass, they can stay for up to six months in Singapore without an employer. A personalised employment pass holder does not have to apply for a new permit when they want to change jobs.

To qualify for this work permit Singapore pass the individual should already be an employment pass holder. In addition to this, the individual should be earning at least SGD6,000 at the date of their application. Just like the employment pass, this is valid for 1 to 2 years and can be extended to three years upon renewal.

Apply today

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