An Ultimate Guide to Purchase High-Quality Box Trailers

high-quality box trailers

Owing a trailer is a big decision, and it involves a decent amount of cash. However, if you buy a trailer, you will not regret because it will assist you with multiple purposes. In almost all types of industries, trailers have been around for a long time to haul loads that could not be carried on the back from one location to another. 

A first time buyer needs to understand the sizes, styles of trailers so that they can purchase the perfect trailer for ideal use. That’s why we’ve taken out some time to list out the trailer sizes and some of their uses that may help you in buying a trailer.

Trailers are classified into three segments: 

high-quality box trailers

Lightweight Box Trailers

If you’re searching for the best utility trailer, lightweight box trailers are perfect for you, providing the most efficient hauling for loads. It can hold 750 kg of ATMs. These lightweight box trailers come with prominent features such as hot-dipped galvanized finish, check plate floor, tilt body and many more. Lightweight box trailers are suitable for domestic use, and they are available in different sizes, i.e., 7×4, 7×5, and 8×5.

Heavy-Duty Box Trailers

Heavy-Duty Box Trailers are referred to as cargo trailers. The convenient way to transport fragile equipment and goods is to purchase heavy-duty box trailers. It is widely used for motorcycle trailers, equipment trailers, utility trailers and much more. 

There are several sizes available in the market, including single-axis trailers and double-axle trailers. These heavy-duty box trailers can handle weight up to 1400 kg ATM, and they are perfectly fit for domestic and commercial use. They include a hot-dipped galvanized finish, heavy-duty tie-down rails, LED lights, and many more. They are easily available in 7×5 and 8×5 sizes.

Tandem Axle Box Trailer

Tandem Axle Box Trailers are the best heavy-duty box trailers that can carry up to 2000 kg ATM loads. These tops of the range box trailers are priced over heavy-duty box trailers. These tandem-axle box trailers come with a hot-dipped galvanized finish, dual axle, check plate floor, and many more. They are available in 8×5, 8×6, 10×5, and 10×6 sizes.

For instance, if you’re buying a trailer from store or website, you must know precise details of the equipment for carrying loads: 

Know the dimensions of the task

You must know your needs for buying the trailers. How heavy machine can carry loads or a lightweight trailer can handle? Can you fit all your equipment into the enclosed trailer? How many trailers can the intended power unit pull? This specification will help you to choose the ideal option for buying the box trailer.

Be aware of the company’s record of service

You must have all the information. For example: What is the service reputation of the company? Do they properly check wheel bearings and keep wires and hoses in good repair? Do they stand behind their equipment? Rates are not everything; details give you the perfect buy option. If you are thinking to buy 8×5 box trailer from the online store, you must confirm all the details of the trailer, so that it may not harm your money in future. 

Tips on inspecting a trailer

Sometimes trailers can be tricky to examine. Firstly, you must have some idea of trailers so that it does not affect your purchase: 

Frame & ramp

Is the frame being strong enough to support your load? If it has ramps, do they fit and properly easily fold or remove? Are they twisted? Does the framework have cracks or any evidence of being repaired? You must clearly know all the features of the trailers according to your needs. 

Tires and suspension

You must satisfy your requirement with the condition of tires and suspension. For example, is the leaf spring intact or cracked? Are the tires have corrected size for trailers load limit? This question will help you in buying the high-quality trailer. 

Brakes and bearings

Brakes and bearings are the crucial part while purchasing trailers. Unfortunately, the trailers and their load become dead weight while stopping. Therefore, if possible, always ask to pull a trailer for a way so that brakes and bearings can properly be tested.

Decks and doors

Heavy and lightweight trailers must have strong floors to withstand carrying heavy loads. You must evaluate the condition of the flooring. Are swing-upside doors wobbly or otherwise showing cause for concern about the hinges? 

Electrical integrity

Signal, stop, and night should be in full working order when attached to pull the unit. If they are not attached properly, it could be simply a matter of replacing bulbs. However, it can also be mean a wire is worn through its covering. Or there could be a broken wire in the trailer, which is difficult to find.


A good-looking trailer can be alluring, and if it lacks strength and functional components for efficient loading and safe weighing loads, it will end up unused. Consider buying a trailer with appropriate load carrying capacity to meet your needs.

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