A Guide To Insert Coloured Contact Lenses Safely

Ever used coloured contact lenses? Thought of buying for the first time? Good, coloured lenses are quite amazing when it comes to enhancing your looks and becoming more beautiful. You can buy blue eye contacts wholesale or red eye contact lenses or green contact lenses and change the colours of your eyes as you want.

But when you are a new user, inserting coloured contact lenses does not seem a very easy task to handle. It requires sometime to getting used to it, once you practice enough, you will certainly be able to insert coloured lenses in your eyes very easily.

Important things to remember

Before you purchase a pair of coloured contact lenses you need to carry out a proper research about coloured lenses and their different types. Also, it is wise to get your eyes checked by a doctor so you would know which type suits your eyes better.

Then comes the task of finding the right online store. You see, when it comes to coloured contact lenses you cannot just go about and buy from anywhere. Compromising on the quality of the product is very dangerous for your eye health.

Do a proper research and list down some of the best online stores and brands that are selling quality products for you. 

Only after doing that you can look for discounts and deals, but never go for low quality products to save some cash. Once you have bought your favourite pair, take care of your lenses. you are required to clean them and maintain them properly for safe use.

Never wear them while sleeping, only if you are wearing extended lenses then you may sleep with them. Also, never share your lenses with anyone, they are your property and not to be shared with anyone.

Now we shall discuss how you can insert the lenses like a pro

How To Insert Coloured Contact Lenses Like A Pro

Here goes the step by step process:

  • 1. To ensure the health of your eyes, you must ensure absolute cleanliness. That is why the first step is always to clean your hands. Clean them with soap and warm water and only then you can touch the lenses.
  • 2.  Also, give your coloured lenses a check before you put them on. It is better to clean them even when they are new. Clean them up with a disinfectant solution.
  • 3.  After you have made sure that your hands are clean and the lenses are also clean, you can start by picking up one of the lenses. Place it on your index finger cup side up
  • 4. Now with the other hand, to make sure you maintain the balance, you start holding down the lower eyelid of your eye. Similarly, you hold up the upper eyelid with the same hand at the same time. This will enlarge your eyes to ensure you can place the lens in your eye.
  • 5. Now comes the part where you have to place the lens in your eye. If you are lucky, you may just be able to place the lens right onto the iris perfectly. But normally, you move your iris in the corner and place the lens on the white part of the eye. Once your hand work is done you move the eye towards the lens and blink to ensure the lens has settled.
  • 6. If you are wondering it is done, no it is not. You would still need to check properly to see if the lens has actually settled or not. That means you have to move your eyes everywhere to see if the lens is causing any discomfort in any direction. Blink continuously and a few moments later you will know if the lens has settled or not.
  • 7. Sometimes after wearing a lens an air bubble appears in the lens which causes distress in the eye. In this case you can do two things, first, place your finger on the lens and move it around your eye so the air bubble is gone or you can do the same process from over the eyelid. If the discomfort remains, take out the lens, clean it with the solution and then place it again.
  • 8. Now when that is done, all that is left for you to do now is to place the second lens in the eye by repeating the steps above.  

The process is same for both regular contacts and coloured Halloween and crazy contact lenses. You would be required to get a prescription for both types. Always buy from respected and well known brands, and you need not to worry about branded contacts being too expensive there are many brands who sell quality and cheap coloured contacts, comparatively cheap contacts from other brands.

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