A Guide to Celebrate Your Valentine’s Week

A Guide to
A Guide to

Here is the season of love when we celebrate a full week in honor of love. The celebrations begin on 7th February and end on 14th February, and we call it Valentine’s week. There are various ways to celebrate the occasion. From giving red roses to gifting a 53 inch teddy bear, you get multiple chances to express your love.

Here we have compiled a perfect guide to celebrate Valentine’s week

Rose Day

Valentine’s day starts with Rose Day, celebrated on 7th February. It is all about giving a beautiful bouquet of roses to your partner to express your love. Have you ever wondered why only roses and not any other flower? Well, roses have always been a symbol of love, peace, and affection. In western culture, the importance of red roses dates back to Greek mythology. There is a common belief that the red rose was created with the tears and blood of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Since then, this beautiful flower has been an emblem of timeless romance. So, you can express your true emotions by giving a classic rose to your loved ones on this rose day.

Propose Day

After the rose day comes the Propose Day on the 8th February. The day holds great significance as this is the day of confessing your love to the person who resides in your heart. We become so busy in our daily routine that we often forget to express our feelings to our loved ones. Here is a day when you can take a pause from your busy schedule and refresh your romance by proposing to your partner. The day is not only for singles to confess their love but also for couples to rekindle their love. You can celebrate the day with an old-school trick of confessing your love in a handwritten letter. You can supplement the letter with a gift to make your loved ones feel more special. 

Chocolate Day

We celebrate the third day of Valentine’s week, that is 9th February, as Chocolate Day. Chocolates can bring an instant smile to anyone’s face. On this day, we forget about the bitterness of our lives and give a box of delicious chocolates to our loved ones. The link between love and chocolate dates back to the Aztecs. A legend entails that the Aztec emperor Montezuma popped cocoa beans to fuel his romantic rendezvous. Moreover, cocoa present in chocolate is a powerful mood enhancer and has a great emotional and psychological effect. Also, this aphrodisiac food inflames desire and stimulates love. You can surprise your loved ones with a box of handmade chocolates or their favorite ones. 

Teddy Day

We celebrate teddy day on the fourth day of Valentine’s week, that is on 10th February. Stuffed teddy bears make a great cuddle buddy and a lifelong companion. It is the day when we give a plush brown teddy bear to our beloved. The gesture of giving a 53 inch teddy bear to your partner is a sweet reminder of your tender love, which will remain forever like a stuffed bear. But why teddy bears? Stuffed teddy bears can be a girl’s best friend, especially when you are not around. It will keep reminding you of your everlasting love. So, you can buy a teddy bear gift for girlfriend on this teddy day. Moreover, you can make the occasion more special by gifting a customized love heart teddy along with your love message. 

Promise Day

We celebrate Promise Day on 11th February, which signifies the commitment between lovers. On this day, lovers make promises to always be there for each other. Commitments and promises are the very foundation of a relationship. The promise of sticking together through thick and thin is what makes a relationship stronger. So, this symbolic day is the best occasion to strengthen your relationship by making promises that you will keep forever. Sometimes, a simple promise of loving each other selflessly for the rest of your life is worth more than any other materialistic gift. So, celebrate the day by showing your dedication or commitment to your relationship with your partner. 

Hug Day

12th February is the day when we celebrate Hug Day. As the name suggests, lovers hug each other on this day as an expression of love. Sometimes, when you can’t express your emotions through words, especially in a complicated situation, a warm hug can convey it for you. It is a perfect way to share love and warmth. You cannot undermine the power of a heartfelt hug. This small yet sweet gesture instantly puts a smile on your face and gives you the strength to face the challenges of life. It helps in healing loneliness, frustration, and even anger. So, embrace your partner in your arms and give a warm hug to show your love and concern tacitly. 

Kiss Day

A day before the main event, which is on 13th February, we celebrate Kiss Day. On this day, couples seal their love and promise with a kiss. The day is about showing your love explicitly towards your partner. A kiss symbolizes not only physical union but also a spiritual one. A tender kiss on the forehead expresses your care, adoration, and affection. It signifies your platonic love and conveys your emotions in the best way. So, start the day with a morning kiss and end it with a good night kiss. Make the day more special for your partner by complimenting them for their efforts to make the relationship work.  

Valentine’s Day

Here comes the main event, which is Valentine’s Day. We celebrate it on 14th February. It is the most awaited day of the year for lovers. We celebrate the day to honor Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr. Everyone has their own unique way of celebrating this love occasion. You can celebrate it by making your partner feel special with your romantic gestures. For example, you can plan a romantic date or surprise. Besides, you should gift something special to your loved ones like a jewelry piece, chocolates, a love heart teddy, or a collage of your beautiful moments spent together. 


Hopefully, now you know the significance of Valentine’s week and how to celebrate it. So, how are you going to celebrate this romantic week? You have plenty of options to make the entire week special for your loved ones. So, don’t miss the opportunity and live it to the fullest. 

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