The Ultimate Guide To Buying Art In Singapore


Hello Singaporeans! We understand, finding the best art for your space is really a daunting process. Sometimes you don’t understand how to find perfect pieces, how to buy a painting in Singapore, and where to start. Wait, no need to mess up while buying art.

Well, to buy paintings, you don’t have to be an art critic. All this is about getting access to visit different art galleries in Singapore. This guide will share some tips and tricks to buy art in Singapore. Moreover, you will learn the best practices of choosing art.

A Unique Guide For Buying Art In Singapore

To help you in simplifying the art selection process, we have mentioned a few factors that you can consider. Below we have mentioned the unique criteria for buying art.

1. Budget Consideration 

While investing in art, everyone wants to ensure that you are getting value for your money. Remember, cheap products and painting don’t last long.

Initially, you must check the quality of material that an artist has used. If the artist has used better quality canvas or paints, the price will be higher. The next point is a painter’s reputation; if they have an established name in the market, their painting will possess a higher cost. On the other hand, the artworks created by non-established painters are not more expensive.

2. Choosing The Right Art

If you have cleared the budget issue, now it’s time to focus on tips for choosing an art. If you are buying an original painting for your space, make sure the purchase looks awesome. You must review a basic knowledge of color theory.

There are two choices, first is choosing artwork that has complementary colors to your room. Also, you can see an artwork that is contrasting with its background or surroundings. However, if the space already has many colors, go for subtle art.

Never match artwork with the color of a bed sheet or tablecloth because it looks weird.

Similarly, there are choices to get the contrast that won’t take over a space or ruin the casual look of the room or office.

3. Know Category and Style of Art

If you are shopping for art, it’s essential to get familiarized with the different styles, genres, and movements that all artworks are organized.

When you are a beginner, you must read about different painting categories. It consists of many like landscape,  portraiture, or nude refers to an objective painted on canvas. Well, style is a different thing; it means the manner that the object is painted. It comprises figurative, abstract, impressionism, and pop.

There is no shame in familiarizing yourself with the genres of art. It’s important to explore before starting your shopping. If you have a basic knowledge of art, you can easily choose the right art for your space.

4. Choose Wisely

While gathering the art pieces, choose a theme that is not common. Think out of the box. Also, choose a place to buy paintings in Singapore without any doubt. You need to know about the background of art galleries and artists too. There is no need to stick with one canvas or painting.

Moreover, you can choose to display the best art, painting, vintage pieces (signs or old posters), and other artwork on the wall.

5. Exact Dimensions

Before visiting an art gallery to buy a painting in Singapore, measure the dimensions of your space. First, you need to measure the height, breadth, and length of a space.

There are more things that you must consider:

  • What is the total area of the wall
  • How much area you are going to cover with paint
  • The shade of paint on the wall
  • Furniture, art, or painting nearby

If you have already known these things, it will help you stick to buying decisions. When you consider the dimensions of the space, it will be helpful for future purchases.


Art is a lifetime investment, so it should be accurate. To prevent yourself from different problems, ensure you choose to buy a painting in Singapore with a great client service reputation. Check out the buying or shipping policy of the art gallery before any purchase.

We hope this guide will help you in choosing the best art with ease.

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