A 101 Guide to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

melbourne engagement rings

If you’re about to propose to the love of your life, then first and foremost, Congratulations! Preparing for the perfect proposal can be nerve wrecking but also extremely exciting. Amongst all your arrangements, the ring has got to be on top of your list as any proposal is incomplete without it. 

While it can be quite easy to get caught up and lost in the moment of romance and happiness, you need to ensure that the ring that you purchase is in fact the right one. Keep reading as we list down a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying the perfect ring for your life partner! 

It’s not all about the trend 

Most of us get caught up on trend quiet quickly. While trending objects can be the catchiest thing to an eye, it’s not necessarily filled with timelessness and emotion thus deeming it less valuable or special. So, whether you’re looking to enhance an already existing family ring or buy a new one, make sure it’s a classical symbol of your love. 

Consider the stone shape

The size of your stone can matter or not, depending on you and your spouse to be. However, the shape of it is something you should definitely look into as it helps narrow your options down to what exactly you’ve got in mind or what feels right. The shapes of each stone are called a cut and every cut is unique in its own way. 

Choose the right quality 

In order to get your hands on the best ring out there, one thing you should never sacrifice on is the quality. Rough diamonds that aren’t cut properly can take away the entire look and value of the ring. If you’re in Melbourne engagement rings of the best quality are easily available for you to choose from. Remember, the cut of the stone can result in the quality of it. 

Decide on the carat 

Of course, it’s no secret that selecting the carat of the engagement ring is a vital part of the process. In order to do so, it is best to have a carat size in mind beforehand. The carat should also be decided based on several other factors such as your future spouse’s preference as well as your budget. Often in terms of the budget, the colour as well as the clarity can be adjusted accordingly. 

Get the correct measurement 

A ring should never be too tight so that it restricts the circulation of blood nor too loose that it’s at the risk of falling off and getting misplaced. While wedding bands are often shopped together, engagement rings are done as a surprise so the best way to know the size for sure is by causally bringing it up in a conversation or reaching out to her nearest friends or siblings. 

Rings don’t come easy in terms of expenses, therefore being a 100% confident on your decision is an absolute must. Also, do not forget to ensure that the ring is in fact a certified one.