Detailed Guide On Writing Cryptocurrency Whitepaper

Cryptocurrency Whitepaper

The term “Whitepaper” was first used by the British Government, and the first whitepaper that came into existence was Churchill White Paper of 1922. Since then, the whitepaper has evolved and become an essential document for cryptocurrency business holders. This document has details about what problems they are looking to solve, improvement in business in the future and solutions about business problems. Currently, there is a list of cryptocurrency whitepaper making it obvious how much importance whitepapers hold. Here, you will be guided on writing cryptocurrency whitepaper.

Steps To Write Cryptocurrency Whitepaper

1 Have A Good Section

A cryptocurrency whitepaper, most importantly, should have a good section. The section should describe the problem which your business will be going to solve, giving details on why the problem is important. Your whitepaper should have a compelling introduction as it is the best way to get the reader’s attention explaining the benefits of what benefits your business will provide to them. This technical document should not be more than 30 pages long and should be easy to navigate. A table to contents will be beneficial for content navigation. You can provide information about the CEO addressing future token holders.

The whitepaper should also include restrictions and notifications, giving details on exemption of certain countries’ residents from dealing with a project as some of the countries have laws on dealing with cryptocurrency and by letting them know that the profits are not always guaranteed.

2 Introduce your Project

Give as much as an explanation about your cryptocurrency project explaining the potential customers where it fits in the current market. In your introduction, you should also include the three most important things.

1 State of the project: describing the current state, first users, prototype data, overall goals and development strategy.

2 Finances: You should provide details on why your project needs tokens, when will the sales start and will the ICO’s token issue be limited.

3 Roadmap: Finally, you should have a technical description of the project.

3 Layout And Writing Style 

You should always use language that is academic and formal while writing cryptocurrency whitepaper. The content should appear professional, and its focus should be narrow. The spelling and grammatical errors should be checked, and the entire text of the document should be properly formatted. If you want to provide your whitepaper in different languages, you should always hire a professional translator for this task.

4 Your Team

You should include short biographies and photos about your development team, explaining how their previous experience in blockchain analysis helped in the success of the project. However, the people behind your project should not be described in your whitepaper.

Where To Post

Your whitepaper is the first message in the thread. You can post the whitepaper in some of the bitcoin-related forums and provide it on your website. Another platform to post it is GitHub. On important thing, while posting on a platform like GitHub is that you whitepaper should have a central point of access. Also, you should avoid copying and pasting from different platforms.

As the ICO’s are becoming popular, freelancers are offering predefined templates for both investors and communities, which will cost you not more than $100. The template for the cryptocurrency whitepaper should carefully be selected.


Whitepapers are the most import document defining what the problem is, how the problem will be solved, and how the business will evolve. There are examples of successful whitepapers like bitcoin and ethereum white paper that have gained popularity. While writing cryptocurrency whitepaper, your primary focus should be in professional language, grammatical and spelling mistakes as it holds very much important for your business.

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