A Complete Guide for Mushroom Cultivation Profits and Process in India.

mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is one of the fastest growing and most profitable agriculture businesses in the current India market scenario. With the advent of modern agriculture techniques, it is now possible to cultivation this mushroom anywhere in India. Our aim is to help all the mushroom farmers and Investors across India to get a satisfying rate and profitable business model. Hy-Tech Organic Farms has specially brought you the opportunity of a fully researched and supported mushroom culture business. 

Our center has the following units:

1) Training Center

2) Composting Unit

3) Well equipped spawn lab

Our main aim is not the history of mushroom cultivation in India rather it is to be able to cultivate mushrooms yourself with a basic idea.

In this article we will tell you complete method and profits to cultivate Mushroom.

1) Different Types of Mushroom in India:

Straw mushrooms, Button mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms are the three major types of mushrooms in India used for cultivation. All types of mushroom’s commercial importance are grown by different techniques and designs. HOF is cultivating fresh oyster mushroom, white natural mushroom, Button mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom, Milky, and paddy straw mushroom with a feature of finest texture and color.

2) Profits of mushroom farming 

The mushroom farming business is big profits agri-businesses in just a few weeks. It is the most expensive vegetable in our country. The mushrooms’ price is 1200 rupees per kg. Good quality mushrooms & well-packed mushroom has a good demand which is increasing. Cultivating of mushrooms for the new generation of consumers is a business proposition.

 In the recent past mushroom cultivation in commricial-scal ganing importance as it yielded good profits.it many states of country like Himachal Pradesh, Asam, Uttakhand, Utrakhand, J&K mushroom cultivation has been extending into commoricial scale  

3) Climate requires for mushroom cultivation

The best growing season for mushroom farming is from October to March in India. Mushrooms can grow at a temperature ranging from 20 to 30 Celsius. Usually, mushrooms begin to grow within 15 to 20 days of spawning. They continue to grow for the next 10 days. Hy-tech organic has design tools and technology to control the temperature.

A) Suitable for 1000mm rainfall.

B) Design and suitable action Process:

Mushroom cultivation requires low care and investment. There are many types of mushrooms in India which has market demand. Though the cold season is favorable to the growth of mushrooms. Our mushroom farm has a unique design and technique to adopt this modal mushroom farm in rural and urban areas. For 120km/hour wind speed.

C) Mushrooms are grown under controlled temperature thus there are fewer chances of crops and damage.

4) Cultivation system in Indian agriculture.

Growing commercial mushroom consumption in supermarkets and restaurants is also expected to propel the market demand during the forecast period from 2021 to 2028. The hy-tech organic farm provides complete guidance for export, sale, price, and transformation.

5) Basic requirements for growing mushrooms cultivation.

To start Mushroom cultivation, we need some basic things which are listed below.

1) Mushroom spawn :- fast decide what type of  mushroom you want to cultivation. It is also available in our hy-tech laboratory.

2) Straw: – Straw must be thick, straight, hard, and old.

3) Light – Mushrooms require light to grow. Place your kit in a well-lit area to grow, but not in direct sun light. We have a design tool to control temperature.

4) Substrate: Substrate or medium is the material into which the mushroom seeds are placed and that feeds the mushrooms when they grow

5) Inoculation: It is the process of adding spawn to the substrate

6) Economic importance of Mushroom

Basically, Mushrooms are used as a food source for humans; they contain many promising drugs for medicine. Mushroom is rich in vitamin-C, vitamin-B and vitamin-D complex and the protein content varies between 1.6 to 2.5 percent. And As its consumption is increasing the world over owing to its nutritive value, it has a good opportunity in finding foreign markets thereby earning foreign exchange.

7) Demand and supply 

Higher demand for the Mushroom in the current market. A few units are cultivating it commercially for the export market. Cultivation of this mushroom on a commercial basis would be more profitable as compared to the other capital costs are low. Hy-tech organic farms are coming up with a revolutionary 


Mushroom farming can be safely said that oyster mushroom farming in India is a bright field with good prospects for upcoming farmers and commercial farming people.  Cultivating mushrooms can be very beneficial for you. Its demand is very high in the regions of Asia, Africa, and other countries.

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