What are bookend boxes?

It is worth considering fact that a proficient packaging is the decisive factor in a product’s sale value in the market. Customers do not buy products unless they look around for something that can be unique, attractive and up to the mark in its quality. Bookend box is a unique kind of box that gives an appearance of a closed book. If you see it lying on a shelf you can confuse it with a book. Apart from their usage for gift boxes, they are the most protective choice to pack the valued things like jewelry or kids’ toys, decoration pieces, perfumes, or electronic items. The robust quality of these cardboard boxes makes them one of the most secure packaging solutions for products that are fragile or high in weight and volume. You can use them as trade boxes that enhance the shelf-presence of your products enormously. High quality cardboard is used to ensure the superior quality to produce boxes with dazzling colors and stunning designs. The boxes are eco-friendly, recyclable and bio-degradable and highly supportive to green environment.

Custom bookend boxes 

Bookend boxes can be produced in various shapes and sizes. They are mostly in rectangular shapes but can be customized in pentagon and hexagon shapes too. These boxes can be customized according to the requirement in different card stock material whatever suitable for product and your design. In these boxes two flaps come inside and then overlap with the upper flap to cover the top and bottom. All such patterns can produce difference with one alteration to it that the large face side at front can be opened without coming off the whole packing. There is another protective cover underneath the side of these boxes that open. This cover is of plastic sheet that shield the item from the environment and shows a better view to the customer without opening. Most of the boxes are made with double thick panes that are pasted for extra strength. Some of the bookend boxes have magnetic closing. These closures keep the boxes closed without any difficulty. Besides, extra cut outs, windows and locks can be added in custom boxes on the request of customers. 

Break the spell of monotony

It is human nature that people tend to get bored of uniformity and routine. The custom bookend boxes provide you with refreshing and exuberant packaging to give fresh and unique look to your gifts and presentations. Gorgeous colors with numerous tones and shades give a stunning look to the boxes. It replaces the old and traditional packaging that breaks the spell of monotony. It enhances the worth and value of the enclosed item to the maximum satisfaction and pleasure of the receiver. . The boxes are the preeminent choice to protect and safeguard the precious product or gift. The protection is improved more with the fitting lamination along with the enhancement options of UV, gloss or matt finishing.  

Elegant presentation 

A simple bookend box can be transformed into a striking and eye-catching packaging through a number of ways. These boxes are good-looking enough to put in elegance to any ordinary product. These boxes can be produced in any size or color meeting the nature of the product and the choice of the client. With a variety of finishing techniques of matte and glossy, your bookend can be endowed with an entirely decent appearance. Most of the well established brands in the market prefer to have their boxes customized with silver or golden foil printing.

Versatile Advertisement

When it comes to the advertisement of your business, the bookend boxes help the manufacturers to save a handsome amount of money that they are to spend for promotion and advertisement of their products. Like other packaging boxes, they are an effective advertisement and promotion tool for promotion of your brands. This uniqueness and versatility of boxes makes your products stand out among a number of items placed in shelves, hence, it attracts the onlookers to pick your for check it out. The manufacturers float the beautiful boxes at different occasions like Christmas, new-year celebration by integrating specific themes for the purpose of promotion. Other special themes can also be included into the design depending upon other special occasions like wedding, birthday, other cheer able events. The exclusive creativity of boxes leaves an indelible impression on the mind of users. 

Printing with style

The printed bookend boxes are renowned for their attractive printing styles. The despicable and improper printing can spoil the look of printed bookend box. You can add your company’s logo, name or other necessary information with style. These elegant custom printed boxes are available in the market in many different colors. These options include the offset printing as well as the digital printing that makes the bookend box standout among others. Boxes can be made with cardboard, kraft, e-flute corrugated, bux board, and cardstock. The printing of boxes can be improved with gloss or matt lamination, gloss AQ, gloss UV, matte UV, spot UV, embossing, foiling etc. 

In conclusion, the bookend boxes are customizable in different sizes and shapes have given a new look to the presentation of gifts and presents. It is fastly replacing the old and classical packaging styles and becoming an effective tool of advertisement. It is an appreciable packaging in terms of sturdiness and strength for the protection and safeguarding of products. 

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