Guide for Creating a Wikipedia Page

how to create a wikipedia profile page

Wikipedia page creation is not an easy job. If you are planning to create a Wikipedia page for your business or what so ever reason, you should be mindful of the guidelines that are essential for you to follow. Once your page is created, you will enjoy enhanced brand awareness and recognition among a wider audience.

Moreover your top rankings in search engine results will further drive traffic to your website. For you assistance, you have this read all about the guiding points on writing a Wikipedia page that gets 100% approval. Go through this and follow them while writing, you will surely be benefited by them. Just scroll down!

Create New Content 

Before you start writing for a Wikipedia page, make sure that whatever you are writing is unique and is not already published on Wikipedia. To know whether or not the article exists, visit the site’s search box and type your subject. You will get the results of similar topic in the database. If you see your topic there, choose another one that doesn’t exist. 

Suppose if you didn’t find your topic in the database, then it is more likely that Google may have referenced it in Wikipedia. Now carry out the similar search in Google and see if the subject exists there as well. If not published, choose the topic. 

Research is the Key

Research is the crucial aspect of writing a Wikipedia page. Make sure that the topic you choose is well-sourced as well as unbiased. Be mindful of coming up with a high quality content with proper references that is capable of reaching the acceptable standards.

 Moreover, it is necessary that you add citations from the related external sources. Another most important thing to consider here is that you are not allowed to write promotional content. Wikipedia editors will reject your articles that are promotional in any case because such content is usually flagged as spam. 

Visit Wikipedia Search Box

To find useful topics for Wikipedia, go through the Wikipedia search box that exists at the top of every page of website. Search by writing ‘WP-RA’ in which WP stands for Wikipedia and RA stands for requested articles. This search will list down the requested article topics and this way you could know the topic people are looking for. 

Wikipedia Account Registration

Register your Wikipedia account to create a user profile. The user profile has many benefits, one of which includes the receiving of messages from other users whenever they make some changes to your article. Moreover, you will also get the credit of your writing. 

Correctly Citing the Sources

How to create a Wikipedia profile page is not something to worry if you are assigning the task to a Wikipedia writer. But if you are writing it yourself, make sure that you are citing your sources from the authentic sources. Journals, newspaper, published books are counted as reliable sources. On the other hand, personal blogs are usually the less credible sources that might not be acceptable. 

Use of Wikipedia Sandbox Editor 

Wikipedia’s text editor is named sandbox that is used directly on the website to write articles and then submit it. You may write your article in Google docs or Microsoft word but eventually you have to paste your content into the sandbox for submission. It is recommended that you write in the sandbox to get more comfortable with the tools acquainted with it. 

Reviewing the Article

Before you enter your content into the sandbox, carry out another search for your topic in search engine of Wikipedia.  Your topic will appear below the search box in the form of link if your topic is still available. Now you will have to enter the link for your subject in the sandbox editor for final touch-ups. When ready to publish, click ‘save page’.

Wait for the Approval

Wikipedia staff editors will review your article and once finished, they might ask more sources for you if they find it necessary. If everything is fine, your article will be made public for viewing.

The Bottom Line

As you go through the whole read, you might have got a clear concept of the process of creating a Wikipedia page. You may find it a hassle process where you have to follow the strict guidelines and policies provided by Wikipedia.  But this hassle is worth it once your page gets approval. Your Wikipedia page will surely bring productive outcomes in the form of increased brand awareness and credibility for your business.

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