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Are you planning to create your website or even the design of your logo and you are wondering about the meaning of colors? Then you have come to the right place, because yes colors have a meaning and often have a certain influence on us.

Colors are not only an art, but also a science. As a professional who wishes to develop his brand visual identity or professional graphic designer, it is essential to understand the meanings as well as the impact of the choice of his colors on his target audience.

When you know how to use them, colors can be powerful communication and branding tools. The companies have real opportunities to play thanks to the colors, and this is through their logo, business cards, flyers, website, packaging, etc…Logo Designer Melbourne Either on all the marketing supports available. Color is the most important memorization criterion in your graphic visuals. It is the element which will be seen first and which marks the memories the most. They are therefore of capital importance for your communication and your activity in general since they can guide the purchasing decision of the consumer (whether it is already a customer or a prospect). 

When designing your professional graphic charter, the objective is not to design visuals with colors corresponding to your tastes, but to define the colors in line with your sector of activity and the values ​​you want to convey.

The meaning of colors for your communication media

RED: color of energy, love and danger

Red can be the color of anger, of blood, of power. It is therefore a color that has a great impact in branding. It is the ideal color for bold brands that want to stand out. Due to the high energy it gives off, it is perfect for brands of caffeinated drinks, racing cars or sports in general. It is also a color that stimulates the appetite, so it is very popular with restaurateurs and their customers.

ORANGE: color of youth, creativity and enthusiasm

Secondary color, orange combines the warmth of the color red and the joy of the color yellow. It therefore attracts attention without being as radical as red. It is a dynamic color that brings to mind health and vitality. It also represents youth and ‘fun. It is therefore a good choice for young, warm and creative companies.

YELLOW: color of hope, happiness and spontaneity

Color of the sun, yellow is a joyful color that represents hope and positivism. Yellow is perfect for evoking fun, speed and often low prices. However, be careful with the different shades of yellow which may have a slightly different meaning like pale yellow which will rather evoke well-being and / or nature for example

GREEN: color of the environment, wealth and stability

Green is mainly associated with nature but it also symbolizes renewal as it is the color of spring, as well as growth and stability. It is of course the perfect choice for an environmentally conscious brand! How for yellow it is still necessary to be wary of certain nuances.

BLUE: color of intelligence, calm and confidence

Blue is a serene color that represents responsibility in particular. It’s a soothing cool color, especially for light blue. Dark blue is closer to power. It is the most popular color generally and very often used as a token of confidence and professionalism. Because of its popularity, blue can also be a good choice for businesses targeting large audiences.

PURPLE: color of mystery, spirituality and prestige

Purple brings together both the passion for red and the serenity of blue. Often associated with royalty, purple is a prestigious color in essence. It is also associated with religion and spirituality.

color of femininity, romanticism and play

This color represents femininity, sensitivity and tenderness mainly and culturally. It is a soft color often used for weddings and other activities and feminine brands. If you know that your audience is uniquely female, pink will undoubtedly be one of your flagship colors.

color of well-being, honesty and sometimes of nature

Natural color, brown can be associated with earth. It therefore represents a certain stability, and is often used for outdoor activities. It is also used to affirm the value, the know-how and the seniority of your company. It represents reliability. And it is also obviously ideal for chocolate brands and the reasons are obvious.

Despite some negative connotations, in branding, black has an elegant and strong character. It is a bold and sophisticated color that generally characterizes the inaccessible and the mysterious. With a luxurious and prestigious appearance, black is very often used for high quality and very sophisticated brands and / or exclusive products.

White perfectly represents purity, it is the color of choice for an innocent and minimalist design. It is a very simple, sober and above all neutral color. It is widely used by brands concerning health, well-being that want to evoke purity and naturalness. It is also obviously a color of choice for companies specializing in wedding since it is traditionally the color associated with the bride’s dress. Associated with pastel colors, white can also evoke femininity and freshness.

Gray is a responsible color, it is often associated with maturity and reliability. Sometimes considered too conventional, the color gray evokes seriousness and authority. It is still very easy to use and above all very practical to combine with other more distinct colors

There you have it, you now know almost everything about the colors and emotions they can arouse in their audience. Obviously, it’s not an exact science, but it’s generally the same feelings for most of your audience. Now that you know the overall meanings it’s up to you to decide whether or not to follow them.

By Anurag Rathod

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