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If you are a video gamer and love action games then you must have heard about “ARK games”. This game is developed by Studio Wildcard and got so much popularity among the gamers because of its famous “Graffin ARK”. This is one of the very interesting action-thrill video games, if you haven’t played it yet, then what are you waiting for? Have a thrilling experience and enjoy the game. This game was developed back in August 2017, and just after its launch it got a lot of popularity because of its interesting creatures. ARK has a lot of creatures including dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, and potentially hostile animals. This is a survival game in which you have to face a lot of hazards in order to ensure your survival. ARK is a single and a multi- player game. 

Among all the creatures, Griffin is the most important and interesting creature of ARK. Let’s talk about Griffin and a Royal Griffin ark in the article below. 

Graffin the Unbreedable creature Of ARK: Survival Evolved: 

Graffin is one of the interesting creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved. It is among the new creatures of Expansion Map Ragnarok. The interesting thing about the royal Griffin is it can’t be tame and it is unbreedable. The appearance of Graffins are very unique and interesting. They look like lions of Greek Mythology with wings and heads of prey birds. 

Features Of Graffin

  • Graffin is one of the new creatures of ARK: survival evolved. It is very hard to tame graffin. 
  • Graffins are unbreedable. 
  • According to ancient myths, graffins are majestic and mysterious by nature. 
  • Graffins are aggressive and you can easily distract them. 
  • It is basically a hybrid, with a lion’s body, two hind legs, wings and head of a prey bird. 
  • Graffins are mostly brown in color. But in some cases you might find red graffins with white front legs and head. 
  • Graffins are wild by nature. There is nothing wrong in saying that graffins are a fusion of two wild animals: lion and Eagle. 
  • It is a super land predator. 
  • ARK Graffins have a wide range of attacks. I have never seen such a predator in any other game. 
  • it has the potential to dive from the sky to the ground. It dives with so much force that it can damage anything that comes in between its way. 

How to fight a Graffins in ARK: 

Let’s talk about fighting Graffins in Ark. 

Graffins are mostly seen in a pair or alone on the top of the cliffs. They have ability  to chase their target even from a longer distance, therefore a proper strategy and weapons are required to fight against graffins in Ark. 


Graffins can be easily distracted. As they are huge creatures and require a larger radius to take a turn while flying. In addition to that Graffins merely attacks the survivors on the ground. So if you are planning an attack against graffins in the game, make sure you are on the ground somewhere hidden behind the bushes or plan something to distract graffins and attack from the back. Different gamers have different strategies to fight against graffins. 


Try to use ranged weapons or pikes are also very effective to attack a graffin. 

Wrapping Up: 

Graffins Ark is a very interesting and popular action and thrill game. If you are looking for a video game full of adventures and thrill then Ark: survival involved is one of the best video games for you. This game involves a proper strategy, alot of fire weapons and tamping as well. 

In addition to that this game also has many other features and updates. Most amazingly this game  has a 70 players limit on every IP address. So you can enjoy playing this game with your friends and family members. But in case you want to play it alone, it has a single player mode as well. 

Have you ever played Ark graffins? What is your take on it? Share your game strategy and tips with use in the comment section below. 

That’s all. 

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