Google SEO V/S Yahoo SEO: Which Is Better For Your Business In 2020

google seo vs yahoo seo

When it comes to search engine market share worldwide, Google is the overwhelming winner with 92.71% of the market share followed by Bing at 2.32% and Yahoo at 1.59%. Google and Yahoo are not only two of the most used search engines in the world, but they also play a major role in the software industry. Even though Google has a stronger presence, Yahoo isn’t too far behind. In certain aspects, Yahoo comes out on top in comparison to Google. In continuation, this piece has been put together to facilitate a comparative analysis of Yahoo and Google for the year 2020 on different yardsticks. Let’s get started. 


It is tough for new websites to get results on SEO, even when you are following all Yahoo SEO guidelines and strategies. This is because Yahoo prefers a website with a sizeable domain age because they relate it with authenticity. So the best advice is to keep improving the website and in the due course of time, your site should rank on Yahoo. 

It is common knowledge that Google considers the content on the page to be important than the age of the website. Hence it is more possible for new websites to rank on Google than on Yahoo. This tip should be considered by anyone launching new websites on Yahoo. 


Yahoo favors targeted keywords for ranking purposes. Since Bing has been powered by Yahoo since 2011, it means that the SEO initiatives undertaken by you to increase your ranking on Bing will also have a positive effect on Yahoo SEO!

Google doesn’t consider targeted keywords as a very important factor for ranking purposes. Content and context are valued more by Google than keywords for ranking purposes. 


Yahoo gives a lot of importance to Metadata and the Meta keywords placed in the Metadata. Its importance can be gauged from its direct mention in Yahoo! help page. 
On the other hand, in stark contrast to Yahoo SEO, Google doesn’t give much importance to the stuffing of meta keywords in the metadata. If you use them anyways the effects would be insignificant, but too much stuffing can lead to the website getting unwanted results when it comes to ranking. Google has openly stated that they do not use meta keywords as a crucial ranking factor.


An experiment has shown that Yahoo generates more relevant results with a higher relevancy degree of 4.8 as compared to Google’s relevancy degree of 4.6. On the other hand, Google has a reputation of providing more concise results.


It is one of the most important factors to determine which search engine is better than the other. Both Yahoo and Google have facilitated easy access for their users. Google is able to provide much quicker and faster results than Yahoo through Google Instant. On the other hand, Yahoo provides results a little slower than Google, but its homepage is more attractive for its users. 


Google often releases algorithm updates with an aim towards penalizing sites with low quality or sites which have indulged in low quality-low building practices. On the other hand, Yahoo has never been so strict with its updates as Google has been. That doesn’t mean to say that Yahoo hasn’t taken steps to improve user experience, it just means that they haven’t been as strict as Google has been. Nevertheless, one needs to keep itself updated with the different Yahoo SEO guidelines 2020 to increase their chances of ranking higher on Yahoo. 


When simplicity is at the core of operations, it results in increased productivity and the same extends to search engines. Thus when judged on the basis of simplicity Yahoo is much more simple to work with than Google as Google is more complicated. Google is more complex than Yahoo and other search engines because it keeps coming up with different algorithm updates, which have puzzled digital marketers over the years. 


It is common knowledge that Yahoo SEO values inbound links and backlinks way more than Google. It means that if a certain website has a high number of quality links, it has a higher chance of ranking on search engines.


Social signals play a very important role for Yahoo SEO ranking and thus it is imperative for all SEO specialists to maintain a good social media portfolio, in order to get the best results out of their Yahoo SEO campaigns and initiatives. On the other hand, a social signal is not that important. The ranks are not affected significantly by social signals in Google rankings, but it still advisable to have a solid social media profile. 


Google favors text when it comes to gauging different content on different websites. The more engaging and quality text on a website the higher the chances of Google favoring it. On the other hand, Yahoo doesn’t specifically favor text as its algorithm is capable of understanding the images and videos on a website. Thus the rule with Yahoo is that the more diverse the content, the higher its chances of ranking on Yahoo SEO.

Wrapping Up

Figuring out how search engines work is the first step towards getting your website and webpage ranked. There is absolutely no doubt that Google dominates the web search market with a 92.71% share. It is thus, imperative upon you to follow all guidelines and suggestions to make sure that your website ranks on Google. No matter which search engine you run your campaigns on, the bottom line is that quality content will never let you down. 

For a lot of time, Google has maintained its number one position in the market and the same is all set to continue in 2020. They release frequent updates to deliver immediate and more relevant results to their users. Yahoo also releases quality updates, but it seems to be a step behind Google and hence, Google is chosen as the better alternative for your business in 2020. 

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