Good books to help you nourish your soul

good books help

Good books to read always have their interestingness. From the pages of the book, readers can see the great altruism, extraordinary life force, love or the naked reality of the current society… Books teach us many things to nurture a beautiful, pure and loving soul. Here are 4 worth reading books that help you cultivate a beautiful soul.


1 Litre of Tears is a good book about the life of a little girl Aya Kitou. Aya Kitou only lived in the world for just over 20 years due to her illness, called “cerebellar degeneration”. The disease has made her future a narrow path and is getting narrower by the day. Even walking by herself, doing something by herself became too far away for the little girl. As the disease progressed, she lost the ability to control her body, at first it was only difficult to walk, gradually Aya had to sit in a wheelchair, unable to hold chopsticks or pronounce words at will. . In the end, she was bedridden.

Journaling was initially just a treatment for Aya to gain some control over her body and also for doctors to monitor the progression of the disease. But gradually the diary becomes an indispensable part of her life. During the 6 years of persistently writing a diary, she talked about her feelings and thoughts while watching her body take on a painful fate step by step.

Reading 1 litre of tears, we see the image of a girl with physical disabilities but with extraordinary strength. She is not trying to present herself as a hero, but Aya’s will is simply a small effort to fight the evil disease that is ravaging her body day by day. Aya’s love of life, cherishing life is expressed through the most simple hobbies such as looking at the blue sky, reading books, or the small dream of going home to visit her family…Although her body is handicapped, Aya never gives up the path of finding self-worth.

1 litre of tears – read to understand, sympathize with those who are not fortunate and to look at yourself, to live more fully and meaningfully. The book is popularly sold on e-book sites, there are many discount codes, coupons like 10% OFF On 2+ Books, Scholastic book club $5 coupon code,.. included to help you save money when buying books to read.


Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window is a story that author Tetsuko Kuroyanagi remembers when he was at Tomoe Gakuen school by headmaster Kobayashi Sosaku.

When he was in first grade, Totto-chan (the author’s childhood nickname) was expelled from school by his teacher because of his dynamism and strangeness. Instead of studying like his classmates, Totto opened and closed the table hundreds of times because he found it interesting or stood by the window and called the troupe to pass. This caused her mother to find a new school for her and she was also worried whether they would expel her daughter or not. But Tomoe is not like other schools: The classrooms are old train cars, there is no fixed schedule that students can study any subject first; In particular, the students here are all as special as Totto-chan and some have disabilities.

This beautiful book is a distant look at childhood, a nostalgia for a wonderful education that has passed, and also shows the love that author Tetsuko has for her respected teacher. Above all, it also revealed the estrangement of the society at that time towards special people like baby Totto. Not a great educational book, but Little Girl at the Window serves as a silent indictment of failed education and also reminds millions of Japanese people of the kind of education children want.

Totto-chan by the window opens the fairy door, taking us to the carefree perspectives of childhood: About the colorfulness of pure friendship, about the special school that we fell in love with or simply remembered the language of. birds singing on the way to school. It is also a place where we reflect on ourselves, rediscover memories that seem to have been forgotten, and sleep peacefully in the past.


The Four Daughters of the March Doctor’s family have long been considered classics of high value in world literature. However, the topic that Louisa M.Alcott chose to exploit is not too big, it is just a story about the family life of Mr. and Mrs. Mark and their 4 little daughters.

This beautiful and entertaining book tells the story of helping her mother take care of the four sisters’ home while their father is engaged in the North-South civil war. Four girls with four completely different personalities: Meg (16 years old) – the beautiful eldest sister, always taking care of them and dreaming of becoming a lady. Jo (15 years old)- clumsy, does not like the constraints of society with a soaring soul who always wants to be a writer. Beth (13 years old)- is a slim, sick, shy girl who loves music most of all. Finally, Amy (12 years old) – the mischievous, mischievous youngest daughter, wants to become a painter of Mr. and Mrs. March. The four sisters befriended their neighbor, Laurie, and together they had hard days to increase their family’s income, but they were also very happy.

The work is simply the love between family members, about the love of the village… But it is strangely gentle and delicate. The four daughters of Dr. March’s family should be enough to draw readers to the last word and end with a smile.


Heats is a children’s novel by Italian writer Edmondo De Amicis. Set in a unified Italy as well as on patriotic themes, the novel was first published in 1886 and quickly became an instant publishing phenomenon.

The work is written in the form of a diary of the boy Enrico Bottini. His family is middle-class while many of his classmates are from working-class backgrounds. Enrico lives in the boundless love of his parents learns good things from a great teacher or has friends who are devoted to friendship.

The work is a series of gentle stories about friendship, teacher-student love, family affection… or the respect of people for each other regardless of class or class. The quarrel of a schoolboy, one whose father is an aristocrat and the other boy is the son of a coal seller. Because of a personal dispute, the noble boy called his friend “your father is just a loincloth with a torn shirt”. This leads to the encounter of two fathers, who represent two different classes, and the result will surprise the reader. Or the story of the headmaster who lost his son, he devoted his life to loving and taking care of his lovely students and nothing is more painful than having to retire.

A series of small stories keep appearing through the story of the boy Enrico. The series of lessons learned from that will make you feel very wise when you have chosen this good book.


Here are 4 spiritual books that you should read. The above books are widely sold on e-book sites or e-commerce sites. There are many discount codes, attractive coupons included to make it easier for you to find and buy books. The words are gentle but full of emotion and love, making the reader unable to help but nod and ponder. Reading these good books, you will know the value of each person when living in this world, so that you can love yourself as well as those around you.