The Good, the Bad, and the Captcha on the Internet

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The title may sound weird but not Captcha because we all have been through solving Captcha while using the internet. Ever since it made its debut, the buzz was everywhere because it was an interesting take on traditional internet security. People and website owners adapted it heavily and now more than 30 billion Captcha are being solved every day around the internet. But there is some dark side of Captcha as well where users depend on using anti Captcha, a Captcha solving service dedicated to solving the Captcha only. Yes, a Captcha solving service and using the anticaptcha isn’t the only problem and security features aren’t the only good thing when Captcha is discussed. Here you will come to know about the good and bad things about Captcha according to a vast number of users.

The Good about Captcha

Captcha has had much to offer ever since it came into existence here are the following:

A Good Security on Internet

One of the major benefits of the Captcha implementation on websites is that they will be free from spambots and users. This is the major feature where Captcha stood out from its beginning. There were some Turing tests where bots were given some tests where letters and characters were distorted and they have to guess it. However, the problem is that humans with their natural OCR ability can read them but bots aren’t as efficient thus unable to move on. Even though human users sometimes have to opt for anti captcha API but still Captcha works great in terms of basic internet security measures.

anti Captcha

Online Voting Gets Secured

Another reason to appreciate Captcha is that it helps in keeping the integrity of online voting secure. Online voting and poles are some of the most common activities around the internet where users with different backgrounds can vote about different topics. However, Things will ruin when there will be a huge number of spam users who will damage the polling and thus raise questions on the integrity of the online voting. This is where Captcha will eliminate the bots and only human users can vote for better.

Secure Checkout from E-shops

Online shopping has become a norm in modern society and this is the reason that the famous shopping portals are often a great target for hackers and spammers alike to gain access to the user’s sensitive data such as credit card information. When Captcha is implemented on such E-commerce portals then they will make sure that only human users will have access to their pages and do legit checkout and not just the spammers.

Avoid Ticket Hoarding

Online coupons and tickets are another common part of the internet. There are websites that have to offer tickets and discount coupon that helps users to shop conveniently. However, sometimes there can be a special match, concert, or movie premier that can be huge and this is where things can get complex as scalpers will use multiple accounts and buy those tickets and then sell them at higher pricing. This makes it hard for normal users to buy a ticket at legit pricing. However, Having Captcha will eliminate this multiple bot registration on such sites and avoid this activity.

The Bad of Captcha

Captcha does a great job we all know but it isn’t great all the time because of the following reasons.

It Reduces Traffic

Yes, Captcha can benefit from avoiding spambots but because of its implementation and type of Captcha, it is harder even for human users to go through normally. According to several users, they hated when out of nowhere they have to solve Captcha to continue further. While knowing that this is for their good, not everyone is “OK” with this and they just leave the page. Not only does it reduce the traffic on that page but it increases the bounce rate as well. If you are familiar with SEO then you know it would be the worst thing to happen with a website. Even users with anti captcha key sort of support might leave that page if they find an alternative.

It Ruins the User Experience

This shouldn’t come as a surprise that users like to have a fluid experience while surfing on a page. They will steer away from when they have to face unnecessary popup, ads, and Captcha. This will ruin their experience as users and they will never want to visit that page again. And while the popup and ads can be stopped via browser setting, Captcha will not go away with using options like anticaptcha and if a user doesn’t have access to it then it can be a stressful situation.

They Can Be Time Consuming

Captcha is a combination of different tests so when there is some Captcha that is hard to solve by users due to any reason then it can take quite a lot of time. If you are unable to read, listen or understand the Captcha then you must expect to complete Captcha on the 6th or maybe 10th attempt. While using the anti captcha API can save you a lot of time, not all users have access to it makes Captcha solving even frustrated.

Not Suitable for Everyone

Also, when it comes to Captcha design then there can be some mistakes in fonts or design that may make it harder for users with visual impairments to understand the Captcha or users with hearing disabilities may not hear what the audio Captcha is about and so. This is why not all Captcha are equal just like the users making Captcha more of an annoying thing.

Final Words

Captcha is something that has loved and hate relations with the users around the internet. While it can be annoying for many users, a large number of users understand that it is for their better so they will somehow complete the Captcha. If you have to face the Captcha too often then you can use anti Captcha to get the Captcha solved without spending much time.

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