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The law is a combination of set of rules and regulations.which is designed and created by the controlling authority of state government and central government. it states  that what people can or can not do. it has been created  for the welfare of public and society. it is enforced by the authority government.Today in india there is increasing of crime and social violence day by day. Nowadays people violate the rule of law in different ways . but there is a limited or shortage of legal advisors and lawyers in our country.

Now in India there are so many recognised BA LLB colleges indore which offer BA llb courses  in the law field.they are-

  1. Renaissance law college.
  2. Indore management institute.
  3. Government law college.
  4. Liberal college of law.
  5. School of law.

For studying law course there are some eligibility criteria which is required by every students .who want to pursue BA llb course.without qualifying this criteria.he or she will not be able to get admit in law college.the eligibility criteria is not so complex.some criteria for law course .it is –

For students who are desiring to pursue an LLB course. He or she must have at least 45%marks   in graduation regarding any   stream or its equivalent CGPA from any recognized college in India or from a recognized college abroad. 

For students who are desiring to pursue BA llb course .He or she must have to secure at least 45% marks in 12th class  from any recognized board.

These  are the some basic eligibility criteria that every student who wishes to pursue will mandatory  fulfill these criteria. 

What are the golden opportunities post BA llb course ?

Law is such a demanding and professional field that every student wishes to pursue this field provides some golden opportunity .Which every law student can take leverage of this high professional profile in their career.The students who have completed their 3 year or 5 years course from recognized BA llb colleges have golden opportunity to become some special personality in law industry.

Legal advisor

After completion of LLB or BA llb course from recognized BA LLB college .A student has the opportunity to become a legal advisor of any government.whether it is state or central or any company.A legal advisor is the legal  entity or person  who often deal with legal matters of company and government department .some time government lawyer who has the lawyer degree get the title of legal advisor in other foreign countries.he or she will guide you or give suggestion in legal issue.A legal advisor can never represent any client in any court.without the suggestion or advice of legal advisor no any company or government legal department can take any action in its legal matter.the legal advisor has specialisation in different area of law field.many company or government agency has the requirement  of legal advisor when dealing with legal matter.there is a more possibility of getting job in company and government agency.


A lawyer is the person who reads and discusses the case issue of their client and gives advice to the client and represents the client in court. The role of a lawyer is critical. He does research and analysis of cases in legal matters .He gets conversations with clients,and cases regarding personality.he file all the document and case details before the judge. it is the best job if you want to see you at high level in law field .the salary of lawyer depends on his work or case experience .lawyer work as a mediator between judge and client.this is the nice profile in law filed.A lawyer has been categorized in different profile such as criminal lawyer ,family lawyer,public interest lawyer,corporate lawyer .lawyer has different specialisation in different area.


Corporate counsels is a person in organisation and companies that deal with the legal process of a company in its operation .they handle the company contracts .legal documents and patents .government regulation for company and property legal process of company 

It is a very reputed job profile in the law field .He can work with a company as a part time corporate counsels or full time corporate individual can apply in corporate for these three profile .legal advisor,legal welfare officer,corporate law practitioner.the salary of these professionals is really good and handsome .this profile also help in making high profile corporate relationship.


most of legal aspirant and lawyer want to pursue the indian legal service .for that they have to clear the some government exam like UPSC ,SPSC but once they clear this exam he get the right  to provide legal service in any department of legal affair,they can become the part of legislative council .after work for many years  in indian legal service they can apply for department of  justice of indian government.this job has some hard work and passion but one you got this job ,you enjoy at every level of life.

Conclusion –

The main conclusion of this article is that .if you want to join or pursue the law field in your career or want to join law field in your whole career. You have to pursue LLB or BA llb courses from any recognized college .There are some best BA llb colleges  indore  which I mentioned above in the article. And after completing this course you have the high law profile opportunity that i already state above  thankyou and best wishes to all law students.

                                                                                                  Thankyou ,

                                                                                        By vivek verma

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