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Gojek clone have provided a dynamic digital platform to Service Providers offering 70+ unique services where the User has to login once and satiate all of one’s On-Demand Service needs. This App has written profitable-venture written all over it solely because of how its business models have been designed.

So what are these business models that Entrepreneurs are getting nutsy about?

  1. Commission-based Business Model, and
  2. The Subscription Plans

Let us unearth and delve deeper into examining these lucrative Business Models


The App Owner earns Commission on every single order placed through this All in One Services App in vietnam . It is a certain percentage of the revenue earned by the Service Provider per order that they have to give the App Owner as Commission. Service Providers are obligated to provide a certain portion of their earnings to the App Owner in exchange for using its digital platform that has a vast reach and they come into direct contact with the Potential Customers.

gojek clone vietnam

The Commission Rate for Car Wash is 5 percent!

Joseph St. John is a 67 year-old Veteran from Long Islands, New York City. He is a widower and lives alone in a 605 sqft Hallet’s Cove Condo’s at Vernon Boulevard 2F, Long Island. He is planning to visit her daughter Hailey this weekend and the moment he steps out of his house, he gets traumatized to see the condition of his 1963 Aston Martin DP215 that he had lent to his neighbour who is a Wildlife Photographer!

First, he opened his Gojek Clone App and booked an instant Car-Wash appointment!

And immediately after that he called up his Swedish neighbour Arnold and yelled at him for leaving the car in such a filthy state!

Joseph is furious to see his Vintage car smeared in mud and he can’t even see the contours of the its wheels

Liam arrives in under 10 minutes and starts preparing for Full-Service Car Wash with Deep-Scrubbing and Waxing.

The Invoice auto-generated in the Joseph’s App shows $306.9 as the Bill Amount including Taxes.

Joseph patiently goes through the breakdown to understand the costs and charges.

  • Ultimate Detailing Car Wash (Interior + Exterior): US $199
  • Hand Wax                                                               : US $80
  • 10% Tax on the Total Bill

Total Bill = Ultimate Detailing Car Wash (Interior + Exterior) + Hand Wax                                                               

               = US $199 + US $80 

               = US $ 279

  • 10 % of US $279 = US $27.9 = Tax Levied

Hence, Joseph pays US $279 + US $27.9 = US $306.9 in cash to Liam.

Liam now owes 5 % of $306.9 = US $15.345 to the App Owner as Commission. Liam uses In-App Wallet to immediately pay the App Owner.

  1. Subscription Plans

Service Providers, permanently bid adieu to the concept of paying Commissions per order to your App Owner. Just buy a Subscription Plan instead by making a one-time payment. It is the App Owner only who designs and curates these Subscription Plans that comes with a specific expiry date and varies in validity periods such as One-Month Plan, Two-Months, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly.

Once your Subscription Plan expires, the Service Provider can no longer accept Service Requests!

That is why since 5 days prior to the Expiry Date, the Service Providers get a constant notification to renew the Pack. Once the Service Provider buys a Subscription Plan with any validity period, the Service Provider is free to render unlimited services to the Users without feeling the pinch and the crunch of giving bite-sized portions of the revenue earned to the App Owner.

Commission Rate is 10 % for Masseuse, but it won’t be applicable here because Sophia has already bought a Subscription Plan!

Sophia Bloom is an independent Masseuse living in the Salt Lake City of Utah, has registered herself as a Service Provider on Apps like Gojek in vietnam! She has just bought a three-month Subscription Plan for $245. Now she can offer unrestricted and limitless Services to her clients for next three months.

Selena gave birth to a baby boy last month naturally. Everyone is healthy and happy but Selena complains of acute body ache.

She installs this Powerful On Demand Multi Service App after her Nanny suggested her and books an appointment with Sophia for Deep Tissue Massage that lasts for 90 minutes.

By the time Sophia arrives, the baby boy has gone into deep sleep and now mum can get her massage done peacefully.

Selena feels extremely relaxed after the Deep-Tissue Massage and thanks 45-year old Sophia for doing it that well. Then she pays her US $132 for the Massage via online payment using her Amex Credit Card.

Sophia owes 10% of US $132 to the App Owner = US $13.2 as Commission! But wait, she doesn’t have to pay any Commission to the Entrepreneur because she has enrolled herself in a Subscription Plan wherein she has already made the one-time payment.


Launching Apps like Gojek is like miraculously finding the world’s largest Gold Mine! It is a profitable business in vietnam! Do you want to make easy and quick money and become successful overnight? Then Contact us after reading this article and go live with your very own Gojek Clone App in a record 7 days! And see the money rolling in from Day 1 of the launch.

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