Gojek Clone: Things You Should Know About This Super-App

gojek clone

Do you think of super-apps as a digital platform loaded with superior functions and facilities? Well, you’re thinking right. A super-app like Gojek Clone does the job of several apps combined single-handedly and offers a satisfactory user experience. Entrepreneurs also call it all-in-one apps. The single digital platform brings together the experience of using multiple apps in one place. 

In this blog, let’s understand more about super apps and how to undertake their development. 

Understanding Super-apps 

As I’ve already mentioned, it is a single app that brings together the power of multiple service apps into one single platform. Your customers can use this super-app for many purposes like making online payments, booking taxis, hiring plumbers, scheduling video consultations with doctors, etc. 

To give an idea of what an on-demand multi-service super-app like Gojek Clone is and what it does. Let’s mention some app names you probably may have heard of!


Rappi is a Latin-American super-app operating in over 250 cities across nine countries! This fast-growing on-demand platform facilitates quick delivery of food, clothes, medicines, event booking, hotel stays, and so much more. 


Grab is a Southeast Asian super-app that offers multiple services to approximately 670 million users. The platform offers multiple services like – on-demand taxis, hotel bookings, logistics, food delivery, movie ticket booking, etc. 

Standalone Vs. Super-apps

The difference between the standalone and super-apps is clear. A standalone app is where customers can only enjoy a single service. For instance, Skype is a messaging platform where you can only communicate via text, voice, and video calls. On the other hand, a super-app like Gojek offers multiple services including booking a taxi ride, hiring a personal shopper, calling an ambulance, etc. 

Top services of the Gojek Clone app 

Here are the top services of a super-app. 

  • Online video consultation: book an online video consultation with professionals like doctors, lawyers, tutors, yoga instructors, etc. 
  • On-demand delivery services: customers can order food, medicines, groceries, water bottles, etc., online and opt for doorstep delivery. 
  • On-demand taxi booking: allows customers to book a taxi anytime they want to through a smartphone or iWatch app. 
  • On-demand services: allows the customers to book instant services or schedule services like beauticians, plumbers, mechanics, babysitters, etc. 
  • Parcel delivery service: delivery of parcels from x to y location locally! 
  • Delivery Genie and Runner: the delivery Genie is the personal shopper who goes to local markets, fetches, purchases, and delivers ordered items to the customer’s doorstep. On the other hand, Delivery Runner runs errands for the customers. 
  • Service bidding: the service allows the customers to bid for handyman services in real time through the app. 
  • Medical services: your customers can use the super-app and call for emergency medical services like video calling a doctor, booking an ambulance, getting medicine delivered, etc. 

Super-app Development Challenges 

With benefits and superpowers come the challenges that entrepreneurs face while developing the Gojek Clone. Mentioned here are some of the challenges that you may face also come across: 

Development is costly 

You need to have hefty capital if you want to build a profitable super-app. The cost increases especially if you are creating the app from scratch. 

You have to find an efficient super-app development company 

You need to find a suitable app development company that has already built and launched super apps in the past. Moreover, they have to be super-efficient while constructing the app. 

Monetization from super-app 

You must design a robust and time-tested business model capable enough to earn multi-billion dollars for the business.  

The solution 

On a concluding note, I’d recommend you get a pre-built multi-service Gojek Clone app. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about any challenge that may come forth with the development. Why? Because the app is ready-made, tested, fixed, and launched a thousand times! In brief, you get a perfect solution in one super-app! 

With this app, you will be able to launch a Gojek-like business in just 1 to 2 weeks without hassles. Moreover, this app is a pre-built solution that can help you launch a perfect on-demand business in no time! Launch this app and start earning money.