Online Consultation A Useful Feature In The Gojek Clone Script

gojek clone script

The Gojek clone app is one of the most seamless and robust on demand multi service app based platform that facilitates the purchase and sale of on demand services. With the advancement in technology, every day is bringing in new innovation within the Gojek Clone Script.

The latest feature that has taken the industry by the elbow seems to be the online instant consultation feature. This is a very useful feature that allows users to ensure that they can use the app to book appointments for a later time or schedule instant online consultation with experts such as lawyers, doctors and accountants.

The user can simply click on this option, select the nature of service, see a list of expert service providers offering said service along with their star rating, experience and pricing, and then ensure that they set up the online consultation.

This consultation can be done in the form of video conferencing calls, voice calls or even chat options as per the user’s preference and budget.


After the pandemic, people have learnt that avoiding physical contact with others is not only best for maintaining hygiene but also a very cost effective option. There are many advantages associated with instant online consultation for various fields. Let us discuss some of the top advantages for three most popularly used industries.


  1. COST EFFECTIVE: It is practical as you can analyse the expenses of many specialists in a single platform and can pick the least expensive one.
  2. TIME EFFECTIVE: It saves a great deal of time as it doesn’t force you to venture out to the doctor’s clinic or the hospital. It also ensures that you don’t have to wait in line anywhere for the meeting.
  3. ELIMINATES RISK OF FURTHER INFECTION: As you are meeting with the doctor or the medical professional from the safety of your home, you don’t have to worry about further risk of infection.
  4. PRIVACY: In case the patient has any issue in their private parts or sensitive areas, they do not need to involve anyone else in their medical issue. What’s more, it also ensures that you don’t have to establish eye to eye contact with an unknown entity unless it is absolutely warranted.
  5. SAME APP FOR MEDICINE DELIVERY: In case the doctor prescribes any medication, the same Gojek clone app can be used to order for medicines and other pharmaceutical supplies to be delivered to your doorstep.


  1. OPENNESS: There is a larger degree of honesty and transparency when it comes to online consultation with accountants. You can keep the records in the form of emails and texts for future reference as well.
  2. STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS ON CHARGES: Most of the web-based lawful specialist co-ops mention their expenses even before you hire them. There is no doubt of vagueness, or hidden charges since everything is taken in to account right from the outset.
  3. PROFICIENCY: Internet based tools are a lot more efficient with respect to legal expenditure. With the execution of innovation driven bookkeeping programming, the entire course of accounting is settled in the most sensible manner.
  4. BY AND LARGE ROUND LEGAL ASSISTANCE: Most of the internet bookkeeping administrations give other legitimate help, for example, creating licenses, documenting enrolment, and IT recording. It turns out to be incredibly advantageous for financial specialists to deal with all official assignments under one rooftop.
  5. EFFICIENT: Having a web-based accountant sets aside more than adequate of your time that gets squandered in disconnected co-appointment.



We probably visited a nearby court not less than once. Accordingly, the situation of the nearby courts is only terrible, wherein attorneys are anticipating clients as well as the other way around. Legal counsellors invest a great deal of energy at court, and interest in time is an interest in cash, according to a well-known expression. Neither the clients nor the legal counsellors benefit from it, and the ones who are benefitted are either tended to by an obscure legal counsellor or from a family or companion’s suggestion.

E-consultancy or online lawful guidance can settle this issue right away. You can straightforwardly go to the Gojek clone app and pick a legal counsellor according to your prerequisites. On the off chance that you are a beginning up, you could require a business legitimate specialist who can deal with each issue of your business without any preparation. Likewise, you can actually look at surveys evaluations. Can get to know the exact amount of money you are spending on the administrations.


We are residing in an age where your entire work can be saved on a drive without fearing it getting taken or lost. Post e consultancy time, we are expected to keep up with printed copies of each and every document connected with significant work. However,  new digital programs like Dropbox, Google Drive arose 10 years prior, the development of these report the executives organizations was impelled solely after organizations developed.

The need to adjust all that in one spot was the reasoning behind the flowing impact. For example, you need to talk with a legal counsellor for any property-related issue. Like past times, you really want go to his place and give him the fundamental reports like property papers, and so on. With the Gojek clone app, you can without much of a stretch do that from the solace of your home by just messaging the records or sharing the drive connect.


One of the main purposes for picking on the web based legal consultancy accessible through the Gojek clone app is to keep up with complete privacy of the reports, and the clients, which is preposterous while you are working and meeting in an actual space.


Gone are the days when legal counsellors needed to keep up with records of every single client and monitor the quantity of days and tasks they have chipped away at.

With the induction of the Gojek Clone Script instant online consultation, everything has moved online from mountains of paper work. The app automatically generates an invoice based on the time taken for the meeting. Beforehand The pricing is there. That way, the entire process of charging is made absolutely simple.

The best thing about the app is that every time any expert is hired or any appointment is booked for instant online consultation, the app owner makes money!

This is why; it is incredibly useful to have this feature in the Gojek clone app. If you are planning to purchase and launch your own Gojek clone app, make sure that it has this feature in addition to the rest.