Gojek Clone Indonesia

Do you want to launch a multi-service business in 2023? Think about starting the business with Gojek Clone Indonesia. With this solution, your customers will be able to book multiple services from a single app.

Being home to 101+ on-demand services, this solution can perfectly match your business requirements and help you achieve your goals quickly.  

Why Should You Get a Gojek-like App?

As the owner, launching a business can be overwhelming. You have to take care of a lot of things from creating the app correctly, to promoting the brand, ensuring that operations are streamlined, and so much more.

Who wants all that trouble, right? Every business owner wants to run their business without any headaches. Therefore, to let entrepreneurs like you run the business smoothly, here is the Gojek-like app.

By launching this advanced Gojek Clone Indonesia, you as the app owner can launch a multi-service app.

You Can Become an Industry Leader

Rule the on-demand multi-service industry with this powerfully-built app. Capture 101+ service markets and different industries with this single app.

From healthcare to fitness, beauty, carpentry, and even dog walking, you can tap into various industries.

In other words, where other competing apps would be offering only a handful of services, your multi-service platform would offer an entire assortment.

Easy Money Making

Launch this app and start making money from day one of the launch. This is an amazing opportunity for you to make money as a commission on every booking. The Commission Rates are defined by the entrepreneur. The rates can be different depending on the services.

Apart from commissions, the admin can also define the membership subscription plans for the providers/drivers. These plans come with a time validity, say, a 1-week plan, a 2-month subscription, etc. Depending on the provider’s requirements and budget, they can choose one of these plans.

In simpler words, you can become a millionaire in no time just by launching your multi-service business with Gojek Clone Indonesia!

Additional Cash Inflow

What could be better than earning more side by side with your profits? This is one of the biggest perks of launching a multi-service business with a Gojek-like app.

Along with profits from the commission and membership subscription plans, entrepreneurs can earn money from other revenue streams like

● Third-party Facebook/Google Ads

Admin can integrate third-party Facebook/Google Ads on the app’s home screen. Here, the admin gets a predefined amount (for example, $1, $0.50, etc.) for every click on the ad via this App. That is, the admin is paid per click.

● Cancellation Fees

The cancellation fee is charged to customers for canceling the service booking just a few minutes before the allotted time. The customer is charged an amount for canceling the service as compensation for the provider’s time and efforts.

● Surcharges

A surcharge is added to the total bill amount in case the customer books a service during high-demand hours, late nights, on holidays, during heavy rains, etc.

Own a Futuristic App

The Gojek Clone Indonesia is a futuristic app that has all the latest services and features pre-integrated into the system. Depending on the business requirements of the entrepreneur, these services and features can be modified.

Some of the most unique services of this app are online video consultations, bidding for handyman services, and on-demand medical services. All three services are curated keeping customers at the center of everything.

On the other hand, to make the services more convenient for customers, this app integrated advanced features like OTP verification, log in with biometric authentication, voice instructions, item name searching, online payments via credit card, etc.  

Test the Demo App

Take the demo app trial for a longer time so that you can easily check every feature, service, design element, etc. on this app.

A closer look at all these elements will only help you create a perfect app that will satisfy your customers and ultimately make your business successful.

In Conclusion:

Choose only Gojek Clone Indonesia if you want to launch a perfect on-demand multi-service app ASAP.

Confused about where to find a good solution for your business? Gojek App Clone is the answer for you.

Get a perfectly designed, coded, and tested app because they have a decade-long experience in developing and launching pre-built apps as you want! Check out their client’s video testimonials on the website to see yourself!

Remember, test the demo app before you purchase the package!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.