What’s new in the Gojek Clone Multi Services App?

Gojek Clone Multi Services App

Gojek Clone 2023 app is here to let your customer offer 101+ on-demand services in one click! Integrated with all new services, this app is all set to make your customers’ lives much easier than before.

Your customers will be able to book taxis, order groceries, hire car washers, send parcels online, etc. Alongside using these daily essential services, your customers will be able to buy, sell, and rent stuff online, track their family members, and much more!

Let’s see what’s so special about this app!

Latest Gojek-like App Services

Listed here are seven of the latest multi-service app services that you can offer with this advanced and feature-rich application. Have a look:

Buy and Sell Real Estate

Customers can buy commercial and residential real estate properties easily online using this app. From all the listings displayed on the app, the buyer can compare the properties and then proceed with connecting with the seller via an in-app call or chat.

Whereas, if a seller wants to list their property on the Gojek clone multi services app, they can do it for free! However, if they want to sell their property on a priority basis, they can boost their listing’s visibility by purchasing the plan. By purchasing the plan, the listing will be shown as ‘featured’ for a specific time.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

Customers can easily buy, sell, and rent cars on this app by simply posting a listing.

When listing the car, the seller or renter will need to upload photos of the car on the app. Also, they need to provide basic information about it like its condition, age, color, model, etc.

To connect with the seller or renter, the buyer only needs to click on the call or the chat button on the app.

Well, the good news is that the listing is free! Thus, no service charges or commissions will be deducted for putting the ad or closing the deal on this multi-service app. 

Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

With single-time installation, your customers can easily buy, sell, or rent general items like furniture, home appliances, electronics, etc. 

Listing the items on this app is the best way to close the deals faster and also find genuine buyers or ones who want to rent them.

The customer can easily upload photos of the item on Gojek Clone 2023 and attract buyers to their listing. Moreover, to boost their ad’s visibility, they can choose to display it on top as the ‘featured’ ad.


Customers can share rides or offer a ride to other passengers if they’re traveling from X to Y location. The two locations can be miles apart.

Say, a customer is traveling alone from New York to Atlantic City that’s 127 miles apart. Now, the customer traveling alone can list their trip on the application, providing the following details:

  • Number of seats available
  • Date & time
  • Start location
  • End location
  • Stops
  • Price per seat
  • Any restrictions like pets not allowed, no smoking, etc.

Now fellow customers can see the listing on the Gojek Clone 2023 and if they want to travel along the same location, they can connect! To connect with the user posting the ad, one can choose to place an in-app call or chat directly with them.

Nearby Businesses 

Under this service category, the customer can see all the nearby places and businesses like restaurants, stores, local shops, and events.

If a customer opens the profile of a nearby place, they will be able to see;

  • Description of the place/business
  • Category
  • Distance from their current location
  • Location on the map
  • Opening and closing time
  • Offers and discounts
  • Calling facility

Furthermore, the user can book a taxi to the business location by clicking on the ‘Book Taxi’ option. Moreover, they can also order food from the restaurant. By clicking the ‘Order Food’ button, the user will be redirected to the food ordering section of the Gojek Clone 2023 app.

Track Family Members and Field Employees

The app also allows family members to track their children’s school buses in real time. Also, employees traveling by staff buses of an organization registered with the app can be tracked by their family members.

The tracking happens in real time. However, this facility is only available for schools and organizations that are registered with the application.

Once they register themselves and the app admin approves them, the school/organization can go ahead and register their students/employees.

After which, an invite code is sent to family members. They can then set up the profile on the app using the invite code and begin to track their children, siblings, and relatives in real time using the map!

Medical Services

Last but not least, the Gojek Clone 2023 also enables your customers to book on-demand medical services in a single click.

Under this service, customers can easily:

  • Order medicines online
  • Book an ambulance
  • Order blood/plasma from a nearby blood bank
  • Book an appointment with the doctor
  • Online video consultation with a doctor
  • Book an appointment with the pet’s vet

Everything can be accessed at the fingertips via this futuristic and smart application.

In Conclusion:

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You will earn money as a commission on every single service booking. Plus, you will make extra cash as a commission on surge charges, and cancellation fees. Also, you will get paid per click via third-party Facebook/Google ad integration.