Getting Healthcare Services Made Easy With A Gojek Clone KingX App

Gojek Clone KingX App

Users are looking for a convenient health care option where they can schedule appointments with medical professionals and communicate with them. You may exploit this profitable circumstance to your advantage by adding “Medical Services” to the Gojek Clone App.

You will learn how to offer your users high-quality healthcare services with just a few taps in this blog. This blog will be helpful to you if you are an innovative entrepreneur.

Make Your Medical Services Accessible With An App Like Gojek

Recent Forbes news indicates that 56% of Americans have skipped healthcare visits because of schedule conflicts as opposed to actual health reasons. As a result, you may effectively handle this important sector of the healthcare market provided you provide clear-cut and useful healthcare services.

After witnessing the woes and demands from world-wide clients, V3Cube introduced “Medical Services” in their Gojek Clone KingX 2022 App. The app specialises in same-day urgent care appointments, video consultation, on-demand pharmacy, connecting to the various blood banks, on-demand ambulance and more.

Buying this Super App, you can help your users to book in-app appointments as well as in-person appointments and locate the walk-in clinics, urgent care clinics, vet and others. Your users may quickly and easily schedule healthcare appointments with this app.

You can choose to purchase an app from V3Cube if you want to get one like Gojek quickly. Can offer an online platform that links your consumers to a variety of healthcare providers so they can receive prompt treatment through the Gojek clone’s Medical Services. You will become an aggregator in the healthcare sector by doing this.

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Not Just Users, How Does Gojek Clone App Attracts Healthcare Providers

You can increase your chances of success by growing your network of physicians and patients by using the Gojek Clone.

You can guarantee patient convenience when you have a variety of service providers. To persuade them, your online aggregator platform must be packed with useful features and advantages.

The Doctor’s Panel can be automated via Super App to achieve this by including features like:

  • Paper-less signup and registration process i.e. Face Id/ Fingerprint Id
  • Online medical booking and scheduling appointments and cancellations
  • Video consultation
  • Attract more users through ratings and feedback
  • In-app payment gateways
  • Multiple languages and currencies

How You Can Earn Profits Through Gojek Clone Medical Services?

The All in One Super App offers a number of options to make money. For instance, if you want to offer doctors’ services online, you might charge commissions or subscription fees. Your Gojek Clone software must have a few distinctive features in order to accomplish that.

You can generate commissions or recurring monthly fees by setting up a marketplace like this. You can also enable features for in-app wallet credits, banner ads, and other passive income options. Choose the best telemedicine app for your medical need.


You may guarantee the straightforward and automated online doctor booking service as well as other relevant healthcare services using a functional app like Gojek. With this Gojek Clone KingX App, you are offering your users/patients free access to the wide range of Health Practitioners, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Vet, Pharmacy stores, Dieticians, Psychologists, Blood Bank etc. from nearby proximity.

Instead, you may charge medical professionals to advertise on your mobile app. By doing this, you can gain a competitive edge and be a successful aggregator in the healthcare sector. For numerous companies like yours, V3Cube has been building the best operational Gojek Clone Medical Services. You can offer a straightforward and efficient healthcare business in this way.