On-Demand Multi Services App with Gojek Clone Script

Gojek Clone

What does the Gojek Clone Script include?

There are 4 major aspects within the all-powerful one download, one login app: the Gojek Clone. Let us explore each aspect and how it is of use for the customers:

  • Taxi Ride: This is the aspect that enables users to book rides. When they enter the app, they will see the four options. They must select the ride option. On doing that they will be able to see a list of different types of vehicles available for the ride. Options will include everything from a bike to a luxury sedan or even an SUV. The user can choose from these options based on their budgets and requirements.
  • Parcel / Courier Delivery (Single Delivery & Multiple Delivery) : This is the option that will empower your users to be able to send parcels from point A to point B. The user may even choose to send across multiple parcels instead of one. The app will enable to user to simply add the pickup location and all the drop locations. The user can also select the type of vehicle that they want to use to get the parcel delivered based on the speed that they need it delivered at and the dimensions of the package.
  • Store / Grocery / Wine / Medicine / Food Delivery : This section primary deals with online order placement and delivery. So a user can order groceries, food items, bakery items, flowers, pharmacy items and more by clicking on this section. The user clicks whatever they wish to purchase, add the items to the cart, make payment and the order is delivered to the doorstep of the user.
  • 60+ On-Demand Services: This is the section that will allow users to hire professionals or make appointment bookings with them For example, the app will ensure that the user will be able to hire on demand electrician, on demand beautician, on demand massage therapist, on demand doctors and much more.

This is a powerful app that can practically skyrocket you to the top of the industry. The Gojek clone script can be the key to your success but you have to take the jump NOW!

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