How Gojek Clone Philippines Helps In Boost The Rankings Organically

Gojek Clone

You are the proud owner of an On-Demand Application. Great! You have made an awesome, highly-scalable app and have got all-grand features and functionalities to impress your users. Super! But, there’s one problem – YOUR APP ISNT PICKING UP THE BUSINESS!

Growing your on-demand multiservices business is the hardest practice, but what it requires is not “Bells & Whistles” but some smart strategies that boost your Gojek Clone App Rankings.

The first contact that your user makes with your Gojek Clone App is the rating. They can see how well you are rated, and that’s where the decision is taken on whether to download and use the app.

App Ratings?? How App Ratings can affect my Online Business? 

Nowadays, people browse the ratings and reviews before considering any online purchase.

Getting positive ratings and reviews is no easy feat.

While 80% of the On-Demand Apps are rated 3 stars and half, the majority of these ratings didn’t happen because the users didn’t like the app and didn’t bother to share their inputs.

This article covers the aspects that require paying attention when you are launching a Gojek like App for your business that lands you positive ratings and more of them.

A well-built, seamless functioning app equipped with a state-of-the-art Gojek Clone App can guarantee you a boost in your app ratings, resulting into more downloads.

To get 5-star ratings for your On-Demand Multiservices App Philippines, consider these pointers:

UX First

Okay, this is perhaps the biggest mistake that the majority of app owners make. They make on-demand apps flashy.

Entertainment apps, gaming apps, etc. are the apps that are supposed to be flashy, not the “daily essential needs” apps.

The app should be developed by looking at the demographics of your targeted audience.

This is an unfortunate mistake that many app owners make, leading to a lower likelihood of getting good ratings and reviews because the app flow is too flashy and isn’t seamless.

By buying the Gojek Clone App from a reputed company like CubeTaxi, you will never have this problem. The Gojek Clone Script solution sold is a pre-built solution that is well-integrated and has an improved UX/UI that offers seamless navigation. The app gives your users a pleasant shopping experience. 

What you offer matters – In terms of Features

We buy a car after reviewing its features. We buy a smartphone, impressed with its features, the same way your users will be impressed if they find your app features useful.

What’s the point in implementing the same age-old, boring features? Also, many Gojek Clone App Owners repeat this mistake of copying their competitor’s features.

It provides diversity in terms of features. You need to show your users what makes your Gojek Clone Philippines different from others. Offering a Taxi Booking iWatch App to your Apple users minimizes the hassles of taking their phone out to book a taxi. Likewise, integrating Novel Features like:

  • Restricted driver’s fraud
  • Free delivery promo codes
  • Ride cancellation
  • Item name search
  • Graphical status of rides and orders in-app notifications
  • Voice instructions for the delivery drivers
  • In-app call/chat support

Make it easy to place orders/services

Your users are not rocket scientists.

It is wrong to expect that your users will know how to operate an app. Complexities can ruin your app’s image, soon abandoning your app with poor or no ratings at all.

The All in One Service App Solution navigation has to be engaging yet simple for your users to understand and place orders.

Right from logging in to scrolling through the services, placing the orders, and checking the process, the entire process has to be sleek and hassle-free. Build your Super App with the Gojek Clone Script solution offered by CubeTaxi, so that you don’t have to worry about user experience.

Provide them other mediums 

Provide your users other ways to connect with you. Offering a responsive website that is a replica of the app will allow them to place orders easily.

This also enhances your web presence. The website will have the exact work flow as that of the app. This way, you won’t miss out on your users and sales happening through the app.

Responding to your feedback

Your Gojek App Clone users are giving you feedback. That’s great! In most cases, users don’t bother.

There will be several negative reviews and comments, which are inevitable. What matters most is that you address the negative feedback in order to improve.If your users are complaining about a common problem, it’s obviously a common problem that needs to be addressed.

Your prospective users will be reading these reviews and, on the basis of that, making an informed decision to download and use the app services.

Provide them app in their native languages/currencies

One of the best ways to enhance your Gojek like App attention is by localizing your app for multiple languages and currencies. Apart from English and USD (American Dollar), integrating the app in local languages can boost your app’s performance.

A reputed app development company will provide you with 9 extra Multi-lingual and currency preferences in the app so that you can easily launch your app across the globe.

Promoting app offering promo code and loyalty programs

Freebies, discounted deals, promo codes, and loyalty programmes are sure-fire ways to pique your users’ interest.

“Free Delivery Promo Codes”, “Location-wsie Promo Codes”, “Location-wise Push-notifications”  are well-crafted features that are now available with the New Gojek Clone App.

Connect with your app development company today, for more details.

Maintenance and update

We don’t like outdated things. The same goes with the apps as well.

To steal the limelight, it is important for your On-Demand Multiservices App to have timely upgrades.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the right app development company that offers technical support, bug support, and upgrades post-purchase of your app. The team will provide timely releases of updates, resolving any issues in older versions of the application for a year.

The users appreciate the All-in-One Service App, which pays great attention to the user’s issues and addresses the matter at hand.

By keeping your app running smoothly and updating it regularly, you get to win the hearts of more users. So, work on this.

In Conclusion

On-Demand App Industry is rapidly transforming, and the competition is becoming steeper.

Putting your Gojek Clone App at the top of the list is a challenging task, but not an impossible one.

Work on the above pointers with your app development team when developing a Gojek-like App. Hence, improving your chances of getting ahead in the competition, boosting your app downloads leads to more sales.

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