Looking For The Best Multi-Service App For Your Startup? Gojek Clone Is Here!

gojek clone

Let’s not beat around the bush and come straight to the point – Gojek Clone App is the Best Solution for Startups! We know that this is an All-in-One Platform that offers 101+ On-Demand Services, but is that all? How do we know people are in love with this App and cannot live a day without it? The answers to all your questions are below! 


  • According to ‘Burson-Marsteller’s On-Demand Economy Survey’, more than 86.5 Million of the Adult Population in the United States has used an On-Demand Service by the year 2020. 
  • According to Adobe Statistics, 2020, the On-Demand Sales in the USA grew by 49% in the initial days of the Pandemic itself.


Apart from these Statistics, one interesting way to see why Gojek Clone App is best for Startups is that it earns them a Bulky Bank Balance. 

Startups usually hesitate to put a lot of money into the Business because they fear the threat of a cash crunch. Well, this App sorts everything out with two things: 

  1. You need to spend only a bite-sized amount of US $250,000 on getting this Pre-Built App from a White-Labeling Firm. Quarter of a Million Dollars!! Your heart skipped a beat there, right? Well! That’s the cost of coding this App from scratch!
  2. You can easily earn a Gigantic amount of Profits because of this App’ Two Business Models – Commission-Per-Service and Subscription Plans. 

Let’s look at the Business Models and talk about how your Startup will Earn you Millions!


Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans are ‘invented’ by the App Owner. There can be as many plans as they want, but basically, there are – Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annual Plans. And even their Prices and features respective to the Plans are decided by the App Owner itself. 

The Service Provider needs to Purchase any one of these Plans by making a One-Time Payment. Now they can officially start Rendering their Services through the App. This Business Model frees them from paying Commission to App Owner on every Single Service they offer via the Gojek Clone App.  

The Subscription Plans come with an Expiration Date as well. However, the App Owner starts to send Plan Renewal Reminders to the Service Provider days before the Expiration Date. By any chance, the Service Provider fails to Renew the Plan, they stop getting Service Requests on the App.  

Commission-Based Model

In this Model, the Service Provider is Legally Bound to pay Commission to the App Owner on every Single Service they offer via the On-Demand Multi Services App. This Commission Rate is decided by the App Owner. In other words, the Commission Rate will vary for Service Providers of Taxi-Rides, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Car Wash, Tutor, Beautician, Mechanic, etc. 


Are you ready to star on the Cover page of Forbes Magazine of Successful Entrepreneurs 2022? Do you want to earn easy and quick money?  

Well, the opportunity is here knocking at your door. Gently welcome the idea of launching your very own App like Gojek. 

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