Gojek Clone App: Features And Business Model

Gojek Clone App

A Super App like the Gojek Clone In Philippines never fails to attract a larger market share because of its fascinating business models and futuristic features. But, why is it called a Super App? The reason is that it includes 70+ On-Demand Services in its fold and an entire set of features that are unique to the market need plus tends to satisfy even the fundamental requirements. So, let’s talk about the top-shelf features of the App along with its business models. 


The App has an entire set of useful features. As an entrepreneur, you have to select the most appropriate features for your target market. Let’s look at a handful of them. 

  1. Face Mask Verification 

Even after the Pandemic, everyone is supposed to wear masks to set off the risks of contracting the virus! And so, before the driver or a service provider reaches the user’s location, they need to upload a picture of themselves wearing a Face Mask. It is only after submitting the picture will the driver be able to start the job.  

  1. Voice Note Instructions 

Users In Philippines can record and send the voice note instructions to the delivery drivers. These Instructions are one way to help the drivers make easy and quick deliveries.

The users can give directions, and parking instructions, or tell where to drop off the package in the voice message. Although, the driver would be able to hear the voice note instruction after they mark ‘Order Picked Up’ on the Provider’s App!

  1. Login with a Fingerprint or Face ID 

This feature is exclusive to the Gojek Clone KINGX Pro App. It is the feature where the user doesn’t have to remember their passwords and username. Users can simply activate the feature from the Profile section. iPhone Users can set their login via Face ID whereas android users can use their fingerprint scanning to log in.

  1. Video Calling the Service Providers 

The users can now place a video call to the service providers besides Voice Calling and In-App Chats. However, this feature is only available in Gojek’s three services – Taxi Booking, Delivery, and DeliverAll. Directly video calling the hired service provider will only help to make the communication better. 


The Two Profit-Centric Business Models of Gojek Clone are: 

  1. Commission Per Service 

In this model, the App Owner In Philippines earns a commission on every single service that gets rendered through the App. That is, a Taxi Driver may have to pay a 10% Commission Rate or a Car Washer might have to pay a 12% Rate, and so on. Imagin, commission coming from all the services from 70+ genres landing straight to your bank accounts! 

The commission is paid by the Service Provider on every income that they earn by completing the services. 

  1. Subscription-Based Business Model 

This model of Gojek Clone App In Philippines helps the App Owner earn money in the form of purchase or renewal of the plan. The Subscription Plans are specially curated by the App Owner. That is, they have decided on the prices, features, and the name of the plan too. 

So, every time a Service Provider purchases the package or renews them, the money directly goes into the App Owner’s Bank Account. 


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