Gojek Clone App 2022: Benefits That Industries Cannot Ignore

Gojek Clone App

Multiple industries that haven’t started serving people online in the past have understood its importance and have begun their on-demand services. Be it a taxi business, dog-walkers, babysitters, or even computer repairing experts, everyone from every industry has found a digital platform. If you are also willing to offer one of the best digital platforms to providers and experts from different industries, then, the Gojek clone app is only for you! 


70+ industries can offer their services on the platform like the Gojek clone – KINGX 2022.

Booking taxi/moto rides

Taxi and moto drivers can register themselves on the app and offer instant trips. The users can schedule these trips at their convenience. This component works similarly to giants like Uber, Lyft, Careem, etc. Users can also hire a driver with car rental and book a carpooling option too!

Restaurants, stores, malls, or shops

With the on-demand app even the restaurant, pharmacies, grocery stores, florists, dog walkers, etc. can register themselves on the app. The users can get their favorite dishes, medicines, books, stationery, etc. delivered to their doorstep. Providers from more than 52+ niches can provide their services.

Parcel delivery

The users can also deliver the parcels to different locations in the same city. They’d simply have to add the location, and destination, and select the type of vehicle that you want. A vaccinated delivery driver will come to your doorstep. To pick up the parcel and deliver it straight to the address you’ve added. Gojek clone app lets the customers add multiple drop-off points!


Business productivity

The industries that are looking forward to offering on-demand services to the customers have the advantage of boosting their productivity. Taking orders, delivering them, and getting feedback, everything is now done online. This means that the chances of human-made errors are reduced plus the businesses now only have to focus on their ‘operations’ part rather than managing the data!

Multiple revenue streams

Now, the industries that have been operating near and around their location have the limitation of serving only those who walk in. However, with the on-demand app solution, the users sitting a few miles away from the business location can also place an order and receive the services. In short, salons, restaurants, spas, car washer places. And other such businesses that remain a limited because of the walls can now earn via:

  • Serving the people walking into their store or shop, and
  • Offering people who want on-demand services at their home. 
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Less overhead costs

Having an online business means that the business owners don’t have to worry about having in-house drivers or others. This significantly reduces their overhead costs! Say, restaurant owners who have registered themselves on the app don’t have to worry about hiring and paying in-house delivery drivers because the app already has numerous drivers available. So, whenever a user places an order with your app, the app automatically sends delivery requests to the driver nearby the pickup location. The one delivery driver who accepts the request is responsible for picking up the order and delivering it directly to the user’s delivery address!


A powerful on-demand Gojek Clone App has multiple benefits that industries can enjoy! So, if you are planning to build such a digital platform that offers 70+ on-demand services, then it is time you think about investing in the world’s most perfect app.

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